My Story




My name is Krista and I am a channeler, teacher, healer, author and artist. I help starseeds let go, understand their abilities, fulfill their missions and connect. 

I was born on July 30, 1986, to a Finnish dad and an Afro-American/Native mom (= Afroameropean).  The three of us all have our moons in Taurus so we lived a cozy home-life in Brooklyn until they got divorced. Until age five, my parents made home videos of me singing, drawing, swimming and eating Finnish blueberries. After that, I attended Dad's private school where we watched Emerald Forest, performed a dance to the album Deep Forest and completed a paper mâché rainforest project. In the last one I had extra time and so developed a tree frog for the project but had no idea of the significance at the time. Life was too exciting making insulators, Lego pulleys and learning to read out loud.

It wasn't until Mom moved to New Jersey that I randomly built an "altar" in the closet and "prayed" to a Buddha statue with an electric candle. That's when I found her Seth books and Ouija board from the seventies. For a short while, I pestered Mom to contact spirits with me but she got bored (no pun intended). (Luckily, my Finnish friends would later do "spiritismi" with me and predict the exact order in which the two friends in our group would have children first!) With two new step-parents and a baby brother, I became more focused on academics, sports, HTML and superficial teenage problems.

My life as a teenager was pro-longed when I moved to Finland at age sixteen. There, I attended lukio from which you graduate at 18 or 19, learning a second year of calculus, some philosophy and how to be Saint Lucia. This means most Finns have been "confirmed" by the Lutheran church which is a prerequisite for getting married. They will have also learned Swedish since third grade, which I got to skip although this would've made job prospects harder had I stayed in the country.

University Days


Shortly after graduation, there was a nagging feeling to go back to the States but I traded that for the safety and comfort of Finnish life. No family member was too concerned, as if they'd known I'd do the right thing and watch Spike Lee Movies (like Malcolm X), but I had no idea what that was. That's why I did what any 20-something would do: work, study, collect CDs, dance and sleep. That was my five-year improvised plan, but I didn't plan to see 23:23 over and over and over. In the winter of 2006/2007 I "woke up" but did not know that 23 was a sacred communication which may have resembled a pair of chromosomes and been a symbolic communication from Spirit about our light-emitting DNA.

In secret, I attended spiritual painting, mediumship and psychic ability classes. I read books by Esther Hicks (Abraham), Lee Carrol (Kryon), Diana Cooper (Kumeka), Sonia Choquette (Emissaries of the Third Ray) and Paulo Coelho while frequenting the metaphysical section of the library in freezing cold Joensuu. To stay normal I went to engineering and international student parties, but also played capoeira, Zumba and hip-hop. By this time I'd been to 13 countries without a clue as to how deep the rabbit hole would go, Morpheus.

Beginning Planetary Service


Having started a Youtube on curly hair care and health, I began channeling a consciousness called Orion Council in the parking lot of Whole Foods while visiting Mom in 2011. Then, I worked on a vegetable and chicken farm in Hawai'i, while helping my first clients and meeting Arcturus Ra online. Shortly after, I moved to Sedona to meet him and "see what happens." What happened was I became aware of me channeling amphibious beings from the 8th layer (our sun, where they give 9th layer transmissions from Ahau, the central sun of our Milky Way galaxy). Clairvoyants can holographically see them floating over my head.

My channel now has over two million lifetime views. I've written nine books and personally helped over 1000 people with their healing. I have a Master's in Usui Reiki which is the energy I channel into our Galactivate Ormus.