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Channeling is a spiritual art-form where you leave the body and allow the mind of another consciousness to enter your physical vessel to communicate messages to humanity.

Who are "Orion Council"? Who is Krista?

The Orion Council are a group of benevolent, masterful beings (including Elohim and Lyran E.T. who can override the consciousness stream) transmitting from Betelgeuse and around the planet Earth, through Krista. They have co-created four books and over 100 videos. 

Krista Raisa, B.A., is a channel, teacher and artist. Having lived and studied in New York City, Finland, Hawaii and Sedona, Arizona, the council made contact through her antakarana at a parking lot in New Jersey. They are a benevolent group appearing to clairvoyants as amphibious humanoids, working for the Federation of Planets and Ascension of Earth. Since 2011 Krista has dedicated herself to helping starseeds, worldwide through Youtube.  Her links to products and videos can be accessed through this website.          

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  • World Wide Witch: How to Work Online as a Psychic Medium
  • Ascension 101: Planetary Basics for a New Cycle in Evolution
  • The Spiritual Planes and Dimensions: Through the Lenses of Shamanism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptology, Theosophy & the New Age



  • Ecologically friendly art and wellness



  • Paranormal Unwrapped
  • Monthly Orion Council
  • Starseed School
  • Girl Rap
  • Cosmic Comedy