Terms Of Service

Disclaimer: Session does not diagnose or prevent disease and by law is for entertainment purposes only. Medical conditions should always be treated by a licensed Health-care practitioner. Information provided through this service is designed to help and support you, not to treat medical conditions. If you are concerned about your health or any physical ailments please consult with a physician.

The use of this website and any of the services herein is conditional on your acceptance of these “Terms Of Service”.

1. You must be 18 or over to book a reading with Krista.

2. Krista reserves the right to terminate a session as a result of any form of trolling, abusive or aggressive behavior, rudeness and other forms of in-appropriate behavior. Krista may also terminate a reading for other reasons if it feels necessary. The well being of Krista and her Clients is what’s most important. In cases of abuse refunds will not be offered.

3. No refunds on completed readings. You can request a refund/cancellation up to 24hrs prior to your appointment time slot.

4. You understand that information that comes from psychic sources needs to be processed through a filter of discernment. Never give away your own personal power or take anything as 100% fact. The nature of psychic communication is such that it is open to interpretation and has different meanings to different people. Only you can truly know if something is right for you or not.

5. Krista does not predict the future. The reason being, energy is constantly in motion and can be changed by our own freewill choices. Nothing is set in stone so to speak.

6. The information that comes through is supposed to help you and uplift you in various ways. It is to guide you. You must take responsibility for your own life and forge your own path through your own choices.

7. If you show up 15 minutes late for a session for whatever reason your session will be rescheduled at Krista’s earliest convenience.