Orion Council, Here

Find out what it is like to channel non-physical energies: Is it safe? Who is in control? How to evaluate the messages? This book documents the first experiences of internationally known trance channel Krista Raisa, as she works with her mother, Katherine Hilaire, to channel the benevolent collective energy known as the Orion Council. In these heart-activating teachings, angelic teachers come in to discuss “reality” with unique humor and wit. Through the client sessions, they explain how we are all creator-beings with limitless light and potential. The Council has said, “This will be a book of light.” And so it is.

Galactic Symbols from the 9th Dimension: Gatekeeper Time Codes

Earth is Ascending and Krista shares with you activation codes to trigger the subconscious memory of who-you-truly-are. With a benevolent group of E.T.s and Central Sun Intelligences, she translates the love of creation through a unique set of alien symbols. In her second, channeled book, you will resonate with Lyran chant words, an Annunaki grid-map, Pleiadian Peace-insignias and more. The book has never-before-seen intel that promises to change you forever.

Starring, You: A Self-Love Guide

In this fun-and-quirky, yet sophisticated guide for loving yourself, Krista openly shares her vulnerability in story-, poem- and free form. Her thoughts on spiritual living, “skillionairism” and schmucks will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Written in two parts, the second contains fairy-like elements with nonsense poetry and diary-like whimsy.

Starseed Survival: Ascension instructions, 9-D Channeling codes and messages from Orion Council

This is not a fluffy Ascension book, like Santigold said, “Brooklyn, we go hard.” As En Ra from Orion Council says, “to write is to adjust and to channel is to self-realign.” Both the personal experiences and channeling transcripts in each chapter serve different energetic purposes. Krista’s latest work covers: healing stories for self-love, cosmic and Earth instructions, updated psychic protection information and 9-dimensional templates. A magical work written for star people, you’ll witness what’s behind-the-scenes with new members of the council of light in Betelgeuse. This was made with vulnerability from soul-expanding lessons. TOPICS: -Akashic Records -Annunaki -Archangels -Arcturians -Ascension -Barbara Brennan -Dolores Cannon -Central sun -Creator -Ashayana Deane -Divinity -DNA -Dracos -Earth -Down Syndrome -Elohim -Emora -Essassani -Brian Fagan -Galactic Federation & Templates -Corey Goode -Grounding -Higher Self -Jesus Christ -Law of One -Laws of the Spirit World -Lyrans -Mira planet -Mystery School -Orion Council -Pleiades -Arcturus RA -Krista Raisa -“Roberta”, “Shelley”, “Ebbie” -Jane Roberts -Sedona -Spirit World -Starring, You -Toroidal field -Wellness -YouTube & More