Seven Simple Self Care Reminders

“If you don’t [do your life purpose] you’ll feel like crap.” @manifest_gardens (IG)

1. Took the weekend off/ resting

2. Stopped _____ with social media

3. Decorated/Minded my environment

4. Listened to my body about what it wanted to eat and took action to ground my body

5. Creative writing in my own, special way

6. Tuned out with my thoughts where something only needed to be so simple

7. Sang, told the truth or wore a crystal necklace for my throat chakra


Starseeds, feel free to use this as a journaling exercise. You can even write up your own list of the top seven rituals you need to feel better right now. It only takes a couple minutes. If you can’t write, maybe step outside for ten minutes, meditate with your guides and ask for help. Trust that you will receive the guidance you need. Sometimes that guidance can come through as a person, a song, an idea that “flies in” out of nowhere, a gentle nudge or a vision. Trust those signals from your “team.”


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