More Earth-Friendly Recycling Methods

While researching information on Ascension, I found that one of the Ascension paths is that of “Earth Service.” This is basically where the adept/student/ascender remains in physical form to become an Ascended Master. In other words, you can choose to serve the planet in a different form (leave and come back even) or work elsewhere in the cosmos. For those of us who are here now, as activated starseeds, we should always consider adding more eco-friendly methods to our lifestyle. However, if this is pig latin to you then just know there are amazing benefits for your self-esteem and overall wellness when doing your part for the earth. Just wanting to assist locally is excellent preparation to get more physically fit and get more in tune with the faery realm! Things will begin to work and the sense of satisfaction is amazing. Sometimes we just have to do, and others will pick up the idea and excitement.

  1. Do-it-yourself packaging material: Get a paper shredder and crunch the shredded paper to get crinkle cut paper to use for shipping boxes. Pick up recycled packaging “peanuts” from the local recycling center. Get a Krinkle-It Shredder which automatically crinkles the paper for you. There are plenty of paper-making tutorials on YouTube for utilizing paper cutters, making paper pulp with water and a blending tool like paper-masher bags in washing machines. I personally love recycling my practice paintings into labels for my online shop orders to inspire creativity in others with all the healing colors.
  2. Pay your friend who has a sewing machine: If you know someone with taylor’s skills, pay up because they’re saving thousands of gallons of water by altering and fixing clothes rather than buying mass-produced which ends up in the landfill. Discover bright vintage pieces or unique fabric prints and over time you’ll develop a unique style. Simultaneously you’ll help an individual remain self-employed which boosts the economy. Then continue trading, making, altering and giving away what you don’t need. It is rewarding to parade an item someone put their love into. There are smart-phone apps like DePop and Poshmark where you can buy-sell-trade your own goods which are a more defined version of eBay.
  3. Starting your own garden: Hydroponics and aquaponics are self-purifying water systems requiring nutrient-supplying animals or soil-free water-towers. Gardens can pop up in practically any climate, it just takes research and investment in the basic materials. The outcome will be lower grocery bills, local trade gatherings (hellooo social life), a new meditation and better-tasting food. Community gardens are encouraged more in cities these days thanks to childrens’ book authors and conscious journalism, but if you live in a rural area you will have tons of space and plenty of people who want to participate. Buying and trading locally also reduces trash because you won’t be using take-out containers, film-wraps or produce bags.
  4. Practicing mindfulness in nature: If you are new to spirituality or felt really called to be in nature somehow, then you may want to look into taoism, shamanism or magic of the ancient Celts and Egyptians. These philosophies honored simplicity, humility and the natural world. At one point in my learning I used to thank the grass before walking on it, but now prefer making things by hand as a meditation and do prayers for the planet. Mindfulness, though, affects other people as well. This way of thinking revolves around small, random acts of kindness which eventually become a way of life. Nature, truly, connects all of us and this 5th-dimensional path honors the spirits around the Americas, too. It’s a good idea to reinvent our thoughts and become pro-active lightworkers who show the way when others don’t know how.
  5. Support clean-up groups: Individual self-starters like the 4Ocean surfer guys just began picking up trash so they could go surfing in a pristine environment. They’ve collected over 300,000 pounds of ocean garbage in over 16 different countries. Local women and elders in countries like Brazil and India have cleaned up entire towns, streets and rivers with their own crews or their bare hands which are still needing facilities with large machinery. The bottles go to local recycling shops which get compacted and sold to larger buildings where they turn these into industrial material. (Imagine all the hemp-crete plastic building blocks that could make affordable housing!) In the poorest regions of Brazil they are getting about $1 for every 50 plastic bottles and in areas of India some are making $9 from one day’s work. Although the pay is low, people have said they socialize more and have maintained a better attitude from giving back to the communities and their families.
  6. Bring a tote bag to the shops: Better make this a habit, now, before plastic bags get banned from your grocery store. One by one, big-business franchise stores are closing or at least offering thicker shopping bags at a price. Many have removed them altogether (some I have seen with these two eyes are K-Mart in Kauai and S-Market in Finland) because regular plastic bags are difficult to recycle and use oil, thus supporting petroleum companies. Just having your own bag will remind others to do the same and hemp totes look très chic anyway! Duh!
  7. Starting a compost: America has been a little slow with composting foodstuffs. Cities like Kagawa in Japan are using micro-organisms to decompose burnable waste and make fuel (an alternative to incineration which creates noxious fumes). This method is also used in Finland, Germany and the Netherlands. I remember how in college times we suddenly got these compost bins where you put in a biodegradable bag, and all your leftover foods go in there (like a doggie-doo-doo bag). Then, it goes to the bigger bin at the end of the street where it gets picked up and sorted at the dump, which later becomes fertile soil which grass grows upon. Luckily, when I moved to Hawai’i we used septic tanks and in Arizona, my roommates had d.i.y. mulch in the backyard. I feel this is a great idea when you own your own house or live in a conscious community/light-city. There are so many options.