Orion Council Channeling May 11 2017

Central Sun frequencies are elevating the planet Earth. Many are aware of this. Some of you heart people are opening Elohim frequencies. Sorry, but, this is happening. We are Orion Council. Krista is working with us, so you know who she is she has explained many alignments in her messages through your screens. The reason why she has done this sharing is because her utmost important work is to explain energetic challenges. Those of you who understand what we mean haven’t aligned, but you understand. Those who understand, haven’t aligned. We are saying that you have understood the sayings, you have understood the arrogance and you have understood the writing. The rays of light coming through this point in your local  system are Errans creating drainings. The real world is around you. Right about now, the Orions haven’t aligned. Those who did, wrote it down. Saying they wrote it down means realigning to Creator. Train the mind. The White Brotherhood is also very active. Those who forgot will remember because they worked with them in the past. Frequencies challenge us ALL. Same for the beings who are working on your ain. This is a word meaning “queen.” The queen is a reason why those beings in control haven’t aligned. Many read these Krista messages. They are lions. Same problem in Cosmos. The lions hadn’t agreed with one another. {Releasing.} Same problem on Earth. Peace needs to take place. Lion beings need recognition and they right about now disagree. Some of you felt those praying Mantids as well. Same problem in Orion. Creating love has it’s training. Creating any love frequency has it’s greater perspective. The Orions love, they do. Love aum. Train to love. Train to sense. Train to solve. The lions’ help is around Orion in many places. The reason it is hard to create is because they disagree in cosmos. You work with them. They disagree (with one another). 

Great work! Now we tell you about the Creator.

Emora is here. She is writing with us. Now we will explain how extraterrestrials work with what you call “God.” Teamwork means energetic shifting on individual basis including the love for one anothers’ shifting. If you are not sensitive, you will not sense them changing. Sometimes you change as well. Sometimes Creator aligns beings without a reason. Do you know what this is? Aligning without reason has it’s practice, it means you are soaring high. What is that? Many haven’t felt the shift. Many haven’t aligned with (the idea of) shifting. Creating has it’s difficulties but it is love that creates. Knowing this helps you to around you feel leadership. Some disagreements between leaders means peace feels uncertain. Same goes for ALL. May we suggest a greater perspective: sensing the many 1’s, has it’s message for you. In other words, you see those 1’s, they communicate with you. Who? Those energetic formations without names. They are communicating. Sometimes you have loved them. In a long time ago you wrote about them. Saying you remember will help. “I remember those beings who helped me long ago and they are assisting.” The reason is that they work with Creator. Now you know why we communicate. We have instructions also. It is many layers that work with you. Have you seen the amount of Love that exists for you? Perhaps you have forgotten about the many layers that work through your levels of awareness. Meeting with those who have aligned to higher layers gives you a sense of love. What else would Creator want? Creator wants for you to Love eachother. It is impossible to achieve planetary Love without feeling you are in alignment with others upon that same earth. It is important to create love in the earth. In the earth you will sense greater forms of energetics killing off what is not needed. Krista is upset with our choice of words. You need to love those who do terrible things. You need to forgive them. They will not survive the new challenges that await the ones who are at peace. We love you and you know that love is all that is needed when you Focus. You are allowed. You are given great things. You will receive. It is to be. That is the message and we are aware of our choice of terminology. Krista is not happy with us but we will continue these communications. Around your planet. You know what we mean. It is to be. So it is.


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