7 Starseed Quotes to Live By

Quotations help us structure the mind or break out of it. Let’s take a look at my personal favorites, because I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to quote myself, although I am forever reading books by other people. These have helped me to get clear!

  • You chose to incarnate on this planet.” -Abraham, through Esther Hicks

As mentioned in my previous article, 10 Reasons to Stay Alive, we must remember this because it sparks an interest in Divine Will, our inherent sense of purpose and internal goodness. Knowing that we are loved and protected by God Almighty is truly a test.

  • Expose evil or walk away.” -Vispi and Ratoo, through Khorshed Bhavnagri

When we turn a blind eye to injustice, we lie to ourselves by feeling guilty or becoming cowards because of our lack of faith in other leaders. We each have spiritual duties and this is one of them. If you cannot choose your battles, you must develop your wisdom, which is action inspired through knowledge.

  • Under spiritual law, if you want help, you must ask for it.” -Diana Cooper

Word is manifest, beginning materialization. It is purposeful to create in physicality even if you know that you are to Ascend. No man or woman is an island, and not even the greatest person on Earth has existed without help. You are also not allowed under cosmic/Spirit World/angelic law to assist if people do not ask, because that would be interference. Do not take on others’ karma, or you’ll become a part of their cause-and-effect cycle. You are already doing fine, so keep moving on because you know that what you do in the third dimension comes back to you times three, and in the 5th dimension it is times ten.

  • Through the activity of such groups, the world glamour will be dissipated.” –Djwhal Khul, through Alice Bailey

Glamour is an astral plane illusion. Although it is important to understand the next dimension, many seekers get “stuck” there, developing mental disorders. People waste money on psychics to hear their potential but never do anything for others. The danger is in leaning on ideas like “my light quotient is higher.” Doing good shouldn’t be measured. You will know when you are getting a quick fix or relying on just your physical appearance to get something. Instead, become a strong support to those who need to find you, taking things to the next level.

  • The ‘New Humans’ are new generations of children and young adults consciously and intimately connected to galactic intelligences.” -Mary Rodwell

Mary is an amazing support for cosmic youngsters and adults who never shared. If we all understood the loving continuity of existence beyond one planet, we would project the future more positively. More harmonious projections would heal us, as we could accept the beloved evolution of humanity that is bound to happen anyway.

  • You cannot know what you are picking up telepathically until you know your own energy.” -Orin, through Sayana Roman

We are constantly in telepathic communication. People who are angry at channelers and Spirit beings are very separated from themselves. Messengers, extraterrestrials, social memory complexes, angels, faeries and Loved Ones are all here, wanting to help us. If that makes you afraid, focus on your own telepathy with other planetary groups of consciousness. You don’t have to work with Heaven, you can also plant seeds into the earth. Meditate, make a garden, do yoga and study, create beauty and joy to better understand who you are. Knowing yourself means your third eye (mind-to-mind connections, seeing the beyond, discernment and pattern finding) will “finally” be more open. Eat happy food consciously, say no to distractions and get healed in ways that are in alignment to you.

  • Group-individuated consciousness is that state of sharing understanding with the other distortions of mind/body/spirit complexes.” -RA, through Carla Rueckert

Pleiadians have discussed “containers” in the 5th dimension. They explain Ascension as involving us gravitating towards other groups, forming these telepathic, gooey and lucid combos (similar to the greys). You know the saying “your vibe attracts your tribe” is true, because it’s happening to you. Councils of light transmit messages around round tables. Great beings like the Michael group (groups of souls), Egyptian collectives, Theo (archangels and angels), the Great White Brotherhood (Ascended Masters) and more, already know how to unify into a stream of consciousness. The term “monad” refers to the totality of divine beings. We’ve also heard of “programmers”, Golden Ones, Elohim and more. There’s definitely proof of universal organization, so humbling ourselves and knowing we are distorted to a certain extent, is extremely important. Then, we can collaborate, as explained in the Keys of Enoch: the Office of Christ and Archangel Michael work side-by-side.

All in all, there is always more. Like Doreen Virtue said, we have this inner feeling like we need to share with others. Native American elders (Navajo and Dene) told me the other week, like Teal Swan blogged, that 2017 is the year of sharing. Tell your story, the crown chakra of Earth is supposed to open this year (Ashayana Deane writes in the Voyagers series). Life is not static and it keeps getting better. Jump on this upward spiral towards the One. Unify, take action, and be authentic!

7 Ways to Stay Motivated

It feels so good when someone you admire asks you, “how did you do it?” After all the trials and tribulations, you came out with a product, service, installment or something that made your heart sing and people recognized it. I love it when that happens! However, there are days when I slump around on the couch and get stuck. This is why I made you this little post to take the gum off the shoe sole and keep moving!


  1. Forget the have-to’s: All the excuses, like, “I have to clean first, I have to buy something, have to have to…” need to go out the window. There is nothing else you have to do if you are doing something to survive. Everyone understands, “I have to work”, but if it’s a creative project that is fulfilling who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience, then it’s easy to get distracted. I’d like to think that both go hand-in-hand, but people on this planet do practice separation between what’s needed and what’s leisure. In any case, as mentioned in my Living Your Life Purpose e-book, doing what you came here to do will always give you energy! I was told by several spiritual beings such as faeries and E.T.s, that they promise to help us out when we stick to our commitment, a.k.a. priorities to planet Earth.

  2. Just lean into it:¬† It’s really true that motivation comes from doing. I say, once you’re in the pool, you get used to the temperature. This is often the case with creative minds- all they have to do is take the first step and begin the actual process. All it takes is putting the paintbrush in your hand, dipping it into the pain or err, paint, and moving it along the canvas.
  3. Do a little at a time:¬† Think, “just 10 minutes!” and schedule yourself for the next work week. Get a calendar even! Keep it simple like a minimalist. As highly sensitive perfectionists, we tend to over-do. People are busy these days anyway and unless you are a writer, you may want to just stick to basics. Your knowledge is still appreciated! Plus, you can’t do everything. Some people will actually enjoy this new style.
  4. Visualize: See yourself in your third eye completing the task. This is a very simple practice, but when you have a concept and “see it” over your forehead/psychic movie screen, you are making energy pathway connections to your sixth sense. The reward? Materializing on the physical plane, which is one of the greatest gifts you could do for us all!
  5. Talk with someone who inspires you: Consider someone who is a “together” person, what would they do? Thinking of unsuccessful people is okay, but after the brooding period you get good at this self-motivation thing. Remember Abraham’s channeled message through Esther Hicks or the “rocket of desire” teaching: when you are in a situation you dislike, you are shooting up rockets of desire for what you WOULD really like! It’s only when we are in bad company that we begin a downwards spiral out of 5D. I like to think of this as being a doctor in a hospital. You HAVE to have some kind of support system after dealing with illness everywhere. My friend’s parents are both doctors and they always have a beautiful family dinner when they get home. Another doctor friend of my dad’s built a pool inside his house to decompress after checking up on an entire basketball team during tournament season!
  6. Document your progress: Share on social media your creative process to inspire others! I love the timeline/story feature! Seeing other productive people (like your favorite do-ers on instagram) is much more motivating than looking at people who feel like they had life handed to them, or make exaggerated anger posts with zero solutions or requests for help. Also, put awards and achievements on the wall! For instance, I put on my favorite jumper and took a picture of myself doing my work for this blog post! One of my achievements for today is getting this blogpost done and editing the wazoo out of this pic! Doing this writing also got me so hyped that I’m ready to finesse it with my audio project. Yes, there are certain astrological days when it won’t be good to make certain decisions, so having multiple tasks organized (e.g. neon post-its that you put on your office door or erasable marker on a whiteboard) in visual form can help.
  7. Remember the last time you were awesome: Maybe you felt really good wearing some crystals. Perhaps you were on stage and rocked the mic right in middle school. When was the last time you really “nailed it”? As someone who is constantly learning new computer systems and artistic ways to express my message, I tend to forget all the good that’s been done. Thinking in numbers helps me to make mental lists of progress. In my video, 7 Tips for Doing Readings, I talk about my last nine years working as a psychic and all I’ve gleaned, like pattern-recognition and understanding human-starseeded behavior! Another example: a good friend of mine made lists of all the movies he’s watched and everyone he’s subscribed to (reasons unknown, but definitely helped me with my lunchtime anxiety). My roommate from college sat on the floor once, surrounded by all her journals and stationary, revisiting¬† old timelines, telling us funny dating stories and throwing out those of zero emotional significance. (I believe Taisha Abelar called this “recapitulation.”)

It’s up to you if you want to go somewhere and that is the coolest feeling because you’ll now be taking charge of your life, rather than being caught up in the astral current. I’m happy you now want to uplift your vibe and remain grateful, to do even greater things!

Crystal Meanings Part 1

Tuned into my 💎crystals (many of which you guys gave me as mentioned in the latest video🙏🏾) and jotted down the sensations I got from each of them (these are the ones I recognize by heart). From top to bottom rows:

1. Andara- helps one to find peace within their situation

2. Calcite- opens you to the world, sparking curiosity

3. Bloodstone- abundance, instantly

4. Rose Quartz- connects you to gentle Ascension, to Heaven

5. Blue topaz- doorway to clearing; infinite possibilities

6. Tiger’s Eye- is a protection spell within itself; mystery

7. Moonstone- feminine soft, calm, forgiveness

8. Rainbow Moonstone- Opens meridian pathways

9. Fluorite- peppy; “I can do it” sort of confidence; helps w/manifesting opportunities

10. Hematite- lungs, moon, timing; joints, bones

11. Clear quartz- adjustments of any kind & much more, therapeutic; enhances natural longevity + purposeful living

12. Ammonite- helps w/focusing

13. Larimar- gives you a sense of being guided in life; helps lonely people

14. Snowy Quartz- calms nervous energy centering you in the heart; affirms self-loving activities

15. Labradorite- opens the pathways to many dimensions & Mystery Schools, but also helps you love where are you are; centering

16. Lapiz Lazuli- psychic surgery (e.g. removes bitterness from gall)

17. Ruby Kyanite- self-love; reverence; welcoming in a new home, brings attention to itself

18. Diorite- ancient knowledge & prehistory

19. Sapphire- ability to logic & reason

20. Amethyst- justice; respect for practice; intuition and trusting one’s self; inherent wisdom; practical spirituality, being genuine & kind (amethyst has lots of instructions for us which has me feeling this list could get pretty long)