Ormus and 7.2 Protein Shakes

We now create our own ormus using the “Hathor’s Milk Method.”

I’ve been using ormus since 2013, ordering random ones from eBay and then publically promoting a local friend’s version because I felt God Consciousness after my first tablespoon (that was WAY too much)!

Many recipes use sodium hydroxide, which is super scary for sensitive consumers, although the amounts should be extremely low in most bottles. We don’t use this anymore because we found a new, or err, old, Egyptian method.

It’s not FDA approved, but what I can tell you is I use this stuff to come back to center after a psychic reading. People report different effects. Not everyone who takes ormus does psychic work for a living.

If you are interested in ormus, I recommend you research it on Google and Youtube, try different brands, and use whatever intuitive testing system you have to see if ours is the right fit. With our method, we have a consistent ph10 (in the old recipe, you have to be extremely careful with NaOH levels because the alkalinity levels change more easily).

It is available here (and if it is unavailable that means we are in the process of making more or are traveling): http://kristasangels.etsy.com

Also, Yashmi Matsurika was kind enough to make a video testimonial for us which you can watch, here: https://youtu.be/HwV5QRhOSKA

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Re-post from my Instagram :

Now revealing yet another health secret: My Mom discovered YELLOW PEA protein and I am loving shakes with that !!!!!!!!! have emptied 2 buckets of 7.2 Shake – vegan organic kosher sugar-free non-GMO no wheat, soy, whey or dairy – and I’m still working on the 7.2 Alkaline Boost greens. Add these to a great energy massage and you can # shuffle without coffee! I like the shake because it is sweet (tastes really really good kind of vanilla-like and is suitable for people like me who like salty in general and doesn’t necessarily require ice cubes as with other protein drinks that taste bad) and kills sugar cravings if you need a really really quick meal prep. I would say this is more for weightloss cause it fills you up so much and as someone who has been working out 5x/week you might want to add some frozen banana chunks and eat some food with it. Benefits: high-quality protein, easily digestible (sensitive stomach friends can attest to this), natural amino acids, low glycemic. Then I personally like to mix the greens with psyllium husk for fiber in the morning if I have consumed more wheat than usual. The alkaline greens are a great balancer even if you are on a whole foods diet. These have lasted me for ever and are well worth the price. You can get this from my 7.2 website please use the link so I can benefit from your browsing🙌🏽💯✌🏿: ➡️ STAYCURLY.SEVENPOINT2.COM ⬅️