5 Space Babes You Should Know

1. Uhura

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One of the first black characters and Chief Communications Officer on Star Trek, Uhura (name from Swahili word for freedom: “uhuru”) works on the USS Enterprise’s main deck alongside her beloved Spock. The Lieutenant-made-Commander saved her entire crew in “Into Darkness” recalling her Klingon skills, proving her genius diplomacy and fearlessness.

Celebrities have been strongly impacted by her presence. For instance, Martin Luther King Jr. even allowed his children to watch the show, in part, because of her character. Similarly, Whoopi Goldberg was inspired as the View host herself played Guinan in The Next Generation.

Younger viewers may not recall that she kissed Captain Kirk in a 1968 episode, being the first “interracial kiss” on United States television. This is wonderfully predictive of what direction Mass Consciousness is moving in.

2. Barbarella

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In the opening scene of this 1968 cult-classic, we are still simmering in the vibrations of the Summer of Love, although this is a French-Italian film.

In Tau Ceti star system, the space babe makes free love with a hunky, hairy space captain, is chased by vampiric dolls (which may have been channeled from a future timeline) before being held captive, pleasured by a piano-looking thing and saved by an aloof angel.

It is a bit confusing what special skills Barbarella has, since she captivates the screen with a half see-through plastic bra, but if you listen closely she comments a lot on “mod” society. More recently, though, she has been re-introduced by singers such as Kylie Minogue, Jem, Prince and Ariana Grande, proving her visuals outlast time.

3. Queen Padmé Amidala

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Best known as the Queen of Naboo, Amidala has done a lot of things. Before giving birth to Luke, she takes her throne at age 14, fights with Jedi Masters against Sith Lords, unifies her entire planet with the Gungans (Jar Jar Binks’s people), and becomes a senator in the galactic senate. All of this happens while wearing internationally inspired royal haute couture and head-gear, of the size and weight comparable to those pieces worn by Ancient Egyptian Priestess-Queens.

Those trendy “dump him” tee shirts were probably developed after this leading Star Wars lady, because she fell in love with bad-boy Anakin Skywalker (see: Darth Vader). However, we know that in the Mayan calendar, Skywalkers are supposed to be angelic messengers, so you can’t blame a girl for catching feelings. However, we give P her props because she dumped Ian Lago, son of advisor King Meruna in a Star Wars Tales 5 -comic strip [2000], placing her duty to her people above personal happiness.

4. Ripley

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More specifically, Ellen Louise Ripley, is the hardcore protagonist of SF thriller “Alien” [1979].

Greatly honored in literary circles, Ripley’s character is assigned feminist allegory, with themes of abortion, motherhood and gender equality.

Most millenials will remember the terror of seeing an unwanted alien baby come out of her stomach, before she destroys the monster that took out her crew, but not forgetting to rescue a little girl stuck on a spaceship. It seems odd, that critics would even disclose her underwear scene, because she is so busy kicking ass and sweating in a failing system.

As with all action movies, you are bound to have some memorable, Terminator-like quotes. One of Ripley’s top ones is: “Get away from her, you bitch.”

5. LeeLoo

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The Fifth Element should hint towards the meaning of the movie’s main character, LeeLoo. She is ex-military hero Korben Dallas’s savior… or err, wife. Actually, she is the savior of Planet Earth, returning as a Supreme universal Being with unheard of abilities.

I have seen this movie so many times I don’t know where to begin. Perhaps my favorite scene is when she is reunited with the “Father”, or “priest”, who has been waiting for the Supreme Beings’ return. After a nearly effortless battle through Bruce Willis’s futuristic city, she finds the priest (both crying tears of happiness), the priest’s son stutters, as he serves her. She then devours Earth history in minutes, like a plate of chicken, and puts on nineties eye-makeup with a Polaroid-looking machine. She cannot believe the atrocities that have taken place on Earth.

LeeLoo is known for defeating the Zorg, her martial arts skills, speaking star language, sacral chakra colored outfit, and getting onto a spaceship by any means necessary.

I think I am going to watch this again and dye my hair orange, now.