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Orion Council came in to explain that as leaders work on toroidal field adjustments they are activating multiple layers at the same time and that the toroidal field is 444 and we have to imagine the third layer of four as a cube, after drawing the Compass directions including the in between ones like Northeast. … When you get out of the cube you actually enter the flower of life, in other words the mind is either a prison or a prism

Additional Resources

Stan Romanek’s trance channeled “hypercube” for how his Orion friends came through a wormhole in Orion into our universe (the cube)

Read his book “Messages” http://www.amazon.com/Messages-Worlds-Documented-Extraterrestrial-Contact/dp/0738715263

The lightbody is the trinity vehicle of higher accelerated consciousness. Without it we are nothing but spacedust. In between the dimensions is a correlation between higher self and lower self cognicent of the advanced layering from inbetween dimensions such as the cohesive structure of liquid plasma light. The space vessel is drawn through the plasma and in through an inbetween space known as the coroiditary(?) (is a mind map). “We are working on the words.” LOL