Hashtag List to Reach Starseeds Online

Going through this alphabetized list will help the reader better define themselves as an internet presence.

I’ve come across brilliant Instagram pages and insightful Twitter accounts. People are creating one-of-a-kind art, cosmic technology and sharing Hermetic science in blogs. The thing is, no one really knows about them because they aren’t using hashtags!

Without much further ado, here are the results from an investigation on what hashtags starseed -style accounts are using. When I say “starseed”, I mean spiritual people who have an on-going interest in outer space or personal experiences with extraterrestrial life, as their soul has incarnated on other planets before. More commonly, people who identify with this may also be in the process of “coming out” with an interest in the galaxy and feel a bit shy, only posting nebulas and brushing the surface with alien emojis.

You can make up your own and get linguistically creative with relative words. Then lo and behold, people find you on the Net! Just remember to be as original and relevant as possible. I have seen plenty of copy-cats online who get lots of hype, then eventually fall off the bandwagon because they don’t credit their source(s) nor respect the labor.

Scrolling through these terms, make a list of your favorites in your bullet journal and remember that professionals use these with established platforms, too. Combining words makes the hashtag more unique and it won’t get lost in the data-dump sea. It will take some time before people discover you and your craft, but those real people who do will sense your energy and love you for you. Luckily this is the internet where you can delete things if you fail and re-brand when it’s time. Have a positive intention for yourself or someone else and everything will go just fine!































































































#[your project title]



7 Space-Themed Vintage Trademarks

While tumbling (surfing tumblr.com) and parousing my vintage dELiA*s clothing catalogue, I came across a (you guessed it) synchronicity! Zooming in on the items I liked, I noticed the clothing brands and trademarks were cosmic-sounding names.

Here are more than a few star-themed ones. It seems the late 90s and early 2000s were styled galactically with silvery backdrops and star rivets on superflares.

Should these motifs ease your shopper’s guilt, consider your feelings because thrifting helps save the environment (especially with jeans). This may also rejuvenate your spirit as a recent study of elders placed in homes with their childhood items showed signs of anti-aging.

Home-sick starseeds can understand this or at least get a kick out of when the satin sequin trim platforms read “Sorry, silver not available“.

  1. UFO Jeans (1967): “[…] classic military styles as a foundation to adapt and reinvent for the times […] using music, arts, politics, and contemporary ideologies as inspiration.” These were the pants the breakers, skaters and ravers would wear and still do, today.
  2. Spacegirlz : This name made tons of used plaid shorts and pants online, especially on Vinted.com (an alternative to Poshmark and DePop buy-trade-sell apps). Board-shorts were all the rave because they represented the fun, beachy, surf-culture that California is all about. They were also too short to wear to most public and religious schools in the U.S. Breaking the rules would get you sent home or with a phone call to your parents to “put on some clothes”! We should have told them it was to save the oceans.
  3. Starlette: This is a very-hard-to-find company! It’s made in the USA and they created the “STAR HOODIE.” They have some spinoffs of the name, but it’s probably retired. You can imagine this with those wrecking ball and barbed wire necklaces that were so…metal. You can be easy-going while rocking a rainbow decoration right over the heart-chakra.
  4. Stella Starr: Interestingly, this shirt could mix and match with with any of the other items as the main throwback color scheme was Earthy and laid-back. This has got the baseball -look with Wet Seal or Contempo Casual club-style zebra print and Spice Girl power attitude. Coincidentally, there’s an indie rock band with the same name and one of their songs is called “Moon Girl” (2003).
  5. 3 Star UK: It sounds like Orion’s belt is in a catalogue. Here the star and baseball tee -trend continues! This was also made in the USA although it’s got “UK” in the name. (Maybe this has something to do with the punk-rock designer.) If you want to recreate this look you can iron on silver heat-press letters or use an embroidery machine for decorating with empowering slogans, rather than supporting mass-produced factory mothball items. D.I.Y. is also a wicked cool way to help Mother Nature.
  6. Starburst Lipstick by Petunia: No, Harry Potter’s aunt did not create a lip-kit. “Wish-on-a-star pink”, “starry night lilac” and “starkles orange” are color names in the accessories section of this catalogue. Cosmic consciousness, it seems, has trickled through in the most unusual of ways. These are featured right next to some silver glitter star hair-clips, rings and a “Machu Pichu” hat (spelled with one “c” instead of two for legal reasons). Also, I’ll predict what’s next: chakra makeup.
  7. Tiny Planet: Continued in this section are rainbow mini lanterns and the “STARRY NIGHT” laundry bag by Tiny Planet. Is it just me or could someone be messin’ with a Mandela hologram? They also made a monkey floor mat, laundry hampers, moon-patched TV pillows, penguin stationary and bedding.


If you are considering having your own trademark, know that you’ll need to send a check to your state office and claim it for approximately $10 (for one year). A (TM) protects brand-names and logos of goods, services and forms of intellectual property.


~Krista Raisa

Channel, Teacher, Artist

















How To Start Giving Psychic Readings

How I Got Started

My first impulse to pay for psychic learning happened at age 21. Typical of someone being drawn to this energy, I was in a “transition stage”, i.e. just beginning studies at a large University. Lots of unusual events happened prior to this including meeting a psychic, attending a polytechnic that was built on top of a graveyard and reading Jane Robert’s Seth Speaks book. (Strangely enough I had picked up that book off my mother’s bookshelf at age 11, but did not read it until 10 years later which was, by the way, pretty complicated stuff.)

I got a reading with a woman who told me about beings in the other dimensions, how Earth was giving birth in 2012 and said she saw me in Hawai’i writing a book. This was just… radical. I was so elated and although I actually did travel to Hawai’i four years later, as guided by a different life coach to take a “gap year” on a farm, I didn’t write a book on the Hawaiian islands until nine years later. Yes, Starseed Survival was birthed while sitting on the ground at the airport and under a tree on a beach in Kauai!

While my online psychic teachers taught me not to predict (it is against U.K. law, and as I was living in northern Europe I took heed), I know several people have the gift of seeing the future. You’ll tune into different psychic gifts as you continue to practice. Some will be amplified more than others.

Over time, my self-doubt diminished. I got some oracle cards and practiced Reiki I and II, asking people to be my guinea pigs at a restaurant hotel I worked at in England one summer! At first, it seemed like I was making everything up, but there were too many confirmations proving I was not. The coincidences that happened weren’t just a by-product of an overactive imagination! You cannot have a group of people see Saint Germain in the same vision, then go home to your Ascended Masters book falling on the floor opening to the Saint Germain page, then pulling an Ascended Masters oracle card that comes up Saint Germain all in one evening. Just…no!

Why People Are Drawn to You

Through resonance and spirit guides, people will actually be sent to you. I cannot believe ’till this day, how many of my clients have said, “I don’t know why I’m drawn to you, but I felt I had to contact you.” Yes, there will be sensitive people sensing your light and good intent. Also, your business angels will whisper in their ears and your advertising angels will push you to make your presence known so those important people find you. Spirit is at work when it comes to serving others, so rest assured you will be guided in more ways than you possibly can imagine right now.

Your experience and credentials are also looked at. Although most of the best psychics, healers, channels and intuitives got known by word-of-mouth, these days you will have a visual display somewhere if you intend to reach people outside of your local town. Make sure you are happy with yourself. You don’t need a P.H.D. to be taken seriously, but if it’s part of your mission to connect with people with that kind of background, then mention it! You will have to come out of the spiritual closet for this.

Recall, the internet and travel technology are gifts. If it weren’t for airplanes (portal tech even), e-mail and telepathy, we would live in an unconnected world. (Sidenote: starseeds are also supposed to work world-wide as each and every person is born with a world task for their soul’s learning.)

Pricing is also a big thing for New Age/alternative people. I have heard people tell me that I should give them a $150 crystal for free because their mother got cancer and I wouldn’t be a true starseed if I didn’t do that. Look, it’s not right to bleed your energy and resources out if someone demands that of you. Sure, the energy is pure and unconditional when you do gifting, but you don’t take your Macbook to the repairman and say “do this for me for free or you are not genuine.” The same respect you show a plumber is the same respect you deserve as a person deeply involved in the wellbeing of others!

The best part about being of service to others, though, is we have soul family members who have contracted to meet us in this lifetime and share Earthly experiences with us. Doing your work will attract them to you. It’s important to remember you might have signed an etheric contract to commune with them. Always remember that!

4 Tools You Need

First, if you want to work as a psychic, you will need a tool. Although you may be “above” that, just having that medium (no pun intended) will help you to focus and clear the mind. Sonia Choquette started using playing cards when she was 15, you can read about that in her first book Diary of a Psychic. I hate to spoil but she was contacted by Pleiadians at one point, just f.y.i.

Second, social media is your best friend if you are going grassroots or are already established and need to expand your market. I started off with Facebook and on some occasions posted in up to 80 groups in one day. Most baby boomers are using FB, same as your friends from college. Millennials are all over cyberspace so expect them to find you! The younger generation is looking at videos, so if you felt the nudge to be on YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Meerkat or Instagram Live, by all means start putting that down in your notebook-of-ideas. People need to know about you so you get paid.

Psychics I met in Sedona worked in crystal shops, New Age stores, on telephone hotlines and in person at coffee shops. They did palmistry, intuitive massage, combos and past life clearing.

Third, Paypal is the perfect way to get started if you are working online. Read my article “A $1000 Starseed Side-Hustle” to go more into depth with action steps. Even tonight, in just one relevant Facebook group, you can offer to do 10-20 readings for free and I guarantee you you will be instantly booked. After you find a common thread where people can relate (ask them even, “does this resonate”), offer sessions promoting that skill for a comfortable, humble price. Then get testimonials, but do not display peoples’ full names without their permission or they will get mad! Should you mess up or do something they feel uncomfortable with (by accident, like being scary), remember to apologize and you are good to go. Remember to call this work “entertainment purposes only” and do not claim to heal (that is unlawful)! Have a terms and conditions page.

Last but not least, get a good digital camera or smartphone because people need to see who you are on your landing page. In other words, having a well-lit, smiling photo with spiritual items is key. That will take you a lot further than a no-face, fake hustla’ name page with a picture of a 5th Avenue psychic somebody googled.

Building Continual Confidence

Future investments means buying dingy old spiritualist books in the middle of the jungle, paying for online courses and teaming up with other sensitives. Have an open mind with it all. At some point you will have enough original content, credence and occult skill to generate revenue to pay for advertising (on websites, in journals and on flyers)! You will have business cards, referrals, new friends and lots of Akashic knowledge (hopefully)!

Hold onto your thinking cap, too, because the world you thought you lived in will also change *wink wink*.

In this blog article, you have been given physical action steps to take right meow to begin manifesting spiritual energy onto the Earth plane. You are being handed the torch (or scroll) to step up, into your work and get out there to serve others who need you! Others have done it before you and many will follow in your footsteps. If, however, you are still in doubt, look at the clock. Did it say 11:11? This means it’s time to listen to your angels. You know what to do.

~Krista Raisa

Psychic medium, author, artist

Read about my 11:11 story, channelings, funny combacks and more, here:























13 Starseed Product Ideas that Slay

I put it right there, made it easy for you to get to
Now you wanna act like ya don’t know what to do

-Lose My Breath, Destiny’s Child

I had made a video called “50 Starseed Product Ideas”, and while narrowing down the content on each of my social media platforms decided to create a revised, more rich and explanatory version here. This can be a great sheet to print out and share with members of your shop, attendees at your seminar or just as a creativity motivator.

1. Laminated infographics: You can find a laminator machine at Staples for $40. All you do is put regular paper through the machine, which can be a color print-out of your downloads. Star people draw sacred geometry, light language, channeling psychic art constantly. If you come out with geometry, make these into program plates for crystals, sacred geometry grids, or informational charts that are colorful. If you want to show samples of an art original, print out a smaller version and make trading cards. You can do this with illustrations especially if you have a display and want to preserve the printout. The only thing about this is shipping for which you will need large envelopes and it can be pricey to ship abroad. If you have worldwide customers, consider a downloadable version. Infographics can be ordered on fiverr.com or made yourself on canva.com

2. Book: You can write a regular, paperback book on multiple online platforms. Consider publishing on Lulu.com, Createspace for Amazon, or just google a self-publisher. If you want to get published, you will have to go through a process which Doreen Virtue describes in her latest book The Courage to Be Creative: How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and Your Creative Career Path with some amazing tips. E-books can be created just by having a PDF file ready and uploaded to your online platform. Convert that to an ePub file, and it is ready to be distributed on Kindle. There are online services that distribute your book to online stores. Remember to self-promote, making promotional items with your other services. If you want to make smaller publications, look into zine-printing, writing articles, and magazines. You can make your own on magcloud.

3. Items using a chakra system: Your key words to creating something chakra-based include “rainbows; base-7; energy; healing; meridians; wellness; palette; sanskrit; source field; sacred geometry; aura; psychology; energy field/energy centers; layers; mental/emotional/spiritual; blockage; template; crystals; kundalini” and the list goes on. Googling definitions for “spiritual” terms will help you to understand what this universe is made of so that you can communicate your deeper, telepathic understandings in a way that other spiritual people can comprehend.

4. Conscious statements & affirmations: People spend hours looking at quotes on social media. One lady I knew sat on the couch for about 7 hours a day just re-posting positivity affirmations. People need reminders in their life. A service called ShineText already does this to your cellphone, daily. Instagram accounts are dedicated to just this idea. Law of Attraction stickers have been made for your fridge. Do what you can to get your truth out! I like to sell buttons, totes and stickers on my etsy shop.

5. Promotional service: If someone is really satisfied by someone’s products or likes their energy, they will want to know more about what is being offered. You can help that person get the word out by conceptualizing flyers, designing bookmarks, making postcards for DJs, whatever! Just use your creative talent to make a printable visual. Also make digital versions for people’s social media! You can offer package deals to post for them on their social media or distribute their business cards for them in your town at local coffee shops. Doing collaborations with others is also a fine way to get your work out there, so team up or swap, make friends and great content together!

6. Farmer’s Market plants: Lots of starseeds send me pictures of their little plants! A good friend of mine grows herbs out of coffee cups and puts them on her window sill. If you are a natural greenthumb, invest in a black light or maybe even hydroponic system to have your own supply of butter lettuce! Then book a spot at the local outdoor market (pay for a table/tent space) and get ready to socialize. We are all ready for tribal communities and this is also a great place to trade in your free time. Starting your own market or neighborhood trade can work but there are legal policies you should consider. If that sounds like too much, do your own cosmic tupperware party.

7. Clay sculptures: Pottery is an amazing way to calm down and create practical items for the home, self-expression, or to out-do mass production. (The last one was supposed to be humorous.) There are definitely not enough “dread beads” (which I like to call locks or hair beads instead for political correctness) or clay-and-crystal themed collectables on Etsy, or cute coffee cups and flower pots. If you like vintage, start thrifting for a “deadstock/throwback” collection, like now. Vintage nowadays means pre-1995.

8. Life-coaching services: Creating classes, workshops, series, downloadables is very important for intuitives as they are great at directing others. If you don’t feel comfortable calling yourself a “psychic” then use the title life coach. These energy bunnies are often very much in tune with what is going on in your head and will typically have more ideas than a psychotherapist. What I’m saying is they can be more business-oriented and help you get situated in life, whereas a therapist will help you make decisions to get better and thus learn to self-motivate after a traumatic experience. Just remember people do different versions of this industry and services will vary depending on the culture.

9. Socializing app: Dating sites can be a little scary. A lot of people are just looking to connect and find people like themselves for a good conversation. Instead of an online forum, you can make an app that connects people with a similar interest, like tarot, psychedelics or astral travel. You just want to encourage people to share so make it a very user-friendly and simple system, otherwise people will get turned off because they are typically very busy in general. It can take time to build an audience, so if you need this for income, make one for someone who doesn’t know how to make an app.

10. Intercultural music: I just heard this amazing song on a fellow Youtuber’s soundcloud, and I like how you can put rave music behind almost anything. These days we are traveling more and so making musical combinations together is well, the elixir of life.

11. Social Media for Wellness: Do product reviews and get sent healthy products. Talk about what you’re passionate about. Get excited about anything and share that energy with others in audiovisual form! You’ll figure out what platform works for you best as you refine your craft, my witchy friends! Even just making comedy helps people de-stress and improves their quality of life. Look into a good HD camera and start filming by a window, at least. Over time, you’ll develop a style and get more sophisticated. It’s really about you, but helping others is always a bonus. You can also do Q&A’s, tutorials, or how-to’s as an expert on your topic.

12. Trade conscious materials: If you have an abundance of natural items found only in your local area, start trading those or sell them in lots and bundles. You can be a go-to person for a certain type of wood, rocks, oil, string, mineral, feathers, leaves, paint, shells, you name it! Just be nice to mother nature and do not disturb protected areas! It will help decrease your carbon footprint if you get those materials out locally so people don’t have to order cheap stuff internationally. Make sure your price is reasonable.

13. A traveling service: Having a little set-up ready for live painting, sewing clothes/patches, ghostbusting/space-clearing, giving massages or doing readings can fit in at any kind of venue. Spaces charge by the hour unless it’s a convention, so check meetup.com, facebook events, the local library, festivals and conferences. If you travel a lot this can help with supplementary income, such as doing photography for someone in a location they can’t normally reach.

Bonus: The random, the out there, the unusual: rusty junk art; social media fonts/icons; mermaid toys; rap backpacks; new agey nail extensions; a German gnome museum; dubstep backgrounds; rainbow light fixtures; personalized stamps; glitter mushroom tapestries; encyclopedia of [your topic]. Don’t be afraid to be different, that’s how the whole world goes ’round. You’ll find that in the genre you are passionate about, certain products/services just emerge, like out of thin air. A guitar player will have an album, a psychic will do sessions and a gardener will have some pesto. Stay grounded, but remember to dream and do the unthinkable!

All in all, if you remain consistent in what you do, people will understand you better and you’ll be the go-to person for whatever it is you are passionate about! It’s also okay if you want to come out with lines, series, limited editions and one-time-offers. Just give what you’re good at and excited about a try, and you can’t go wrong! For more ideas on improving your energy levels and fulfilling your purpose, check out my books on Amazon. I’m also offering a course this March to help you align with the new cosmic energies. Get it, seeds! Your spirituality exists to empower you and fulfill yourself in the physical! ~*


Krista Raisa

Psychic Medium, Author, Artist