Hashtag List to Reach Starseeds Online

Going through this alphabetized list will help the reader better define themselves as an internet presence.

I’ve come across brilliant Instagram pages and insightful Twitter accounts. People are creating one-of-a-kind art, cosmic technology and sharing Hermetic science in blogs. The thing is, no one really knows about them because they aren’t using hashtags!

Without much further ado, here are the results from an investigation on what hashtags starseed -style accounts are using. When I say “starseed”, I mean spiritual people who have an on-going interest in outer space or personal experiences with extraterrestrial life, as their soul has incarnated on other planets before. More commonly, people who identify with this may also be in the process of “coming out” with an interest in the galaxy and feel a bit shy, only posting nebulas and brushing the surface with alien emojis.

You can make up your own and get linguistically creative with relative words. Then lo and behold, people find you on the Net! Just remember to be as original and relevant as possible. I have seen plenty of copy-cats online who get lots of hype, then eventually fall off the bandwagon because they don’t credit their source(s) nor respect the labor.

Scrolling through these terms, make a list of your favorites in your bullet journal and remember that professionals use these with established platforms, too. Combining words makes the hashtag more unique and it won’t get lost in the data-dump sea. It will take some time before people discover you and your craft, but those real people who do will sense your energy and love you for you. Luckily this is the internet where you can delete things if you fail and re-brand when it’s time. Have a positive intention for yourself or someone else and everything will go just fine!































































































#[your project title]



7 Space-Themed Vintage Trademarks

While tumbling (surfing tumblr.com) and parousing my vintage dELiA*s clothing catalogue, I came across a (you guessed it) synchronicity! Zooming in on the items I liked, I noticed the clothing brands and trademarks were cosmic-sounding names.

Here are more than a few star-themed ones. It seems the late 90s and early 2000s were styled galactically with silvery backdrops and star rivets on superflares.

Should these motifs ease your shopper’s guilt, consider your feelings because thrifting helps save the environment (especially with jeans). This may also rejuvenate your spirit as a recent study of elders placed in homes with their childhood items showed signs of anti-aging.

Home-sick starseeds can understand this or at least get a kick out of when the satin sequin trim platforms read “Sorry, silver not available“.

  1. UFO Jeans (1967): “[…] classic military styles as a foundation to adapt and reinvent for the times […] using music, arts, politics, and contemporary ideologies as inspiration.” These were the pants the breakers, skaters and ravers would wear and still do, today.
  2. Spacegirlz : This name made tons of used plaid shorts and pants online, especially on Vinted.com (an alternative to Poshmark and DePop buy-trade-sell apps). Board-shorts were all the rave because they represented the fun, beachy, surf-culture that California is all about. They were also too short to wear to most public and religious schools in the U.S. Breaking the rules would get you sent home or with a phone call to your parents to “put on some clothes”! We should have told them it was to save the oceans.
  3. Starlette: This is a very-hard-to-find company! It’s made in the USA and they created the “STAR HOODIE.” They have some spinoffs of the name, but it’s probably retired. You can imagine this with those wrecking ball and barbed wire necklaces that were so…metal. You can be easy-going while rocking a rainbow decoration right over the heart-chakra.
  4. Stella Starr: Interestingly, this shirt could mix and match with with any of the other items as the main throwback color scheme was Earthy and laid-back. This has got the baseball -look with Wet Seal or Contempo Casual club-style zebra print and Spice Girl power attitude. Coincidentally, there’s an indie rock band with the same name and one of their songs is called “Moon Girl” (2003).
  5. 3 Star UK: It sounds like Orion’s belt is in a catalogue. Here the star and baseball tee -trend continues! This was also made in the USA although it’s got “UK” in the name. (Maybe this has something to do with the punk-rock designer.) If you want to recreate this look you can iron on silver heat-press letters or use an embroidery machine for decorating with empowering slogans, rather than supporting mass-produced factory mothball items. D.I.Y. is also a wicked cool way to help Mother Nature.
  6. Starburst Lipstick by Petunia: No, Harry Potter’s aunt did not create a lip-kit. “Wish-on-a-star pink”, “starry night lilac” and “starkles orange” are color names in the accessories section of this catalogue. Cosmic consciousness, it seems, has trickled through in the most unusual of ways. These are featured right next to some silver glitter star hair-clips, rings and a “Machu Pichu” hat (spelled with one “c” instead of two for legal reasons). Also, I’ll predict what’s next: chakra makeup.
  7. Tiny Planet: Continued in this section are rainbow mini lanterns and the “STARRY NIGHT” laundry bag by Tiny Planet. Is it just me or could someone be messin’ with a Mandela hologram? They also made a monkey floor mat, laundry hampers, moon-patched TV pillows, penguin stationary and bedding.


If you are considering having your own trademark, know that you’ll need to send a check to your state office and claim it for approximately $10 (for one year). A (TM) protects brand-names and logos of goods, services and forms of intellectual property.


~Krista Raisa

Channel, Teacher, Artist

















A $1000 Starseed Side-Hustle

Hello indie artists, cyber nomads and at-home starseeds, yeah!

I’m going to be really real with you for a moment. The Pleiadians have been speaking through me every day, saying that we need to step up our starseeded game (check my latest YouTube video about that by clicking here)! For some, that means making one minor change that sets everything in motion. For others who put off their God-given gift[s], it’s getting harder, especially with all this celebrities collapsing -news distracting us from our purposés! Go on and read this article, as I have tried and tested these surefire ways to help you BANK (i.e. pay the rent before we go totes tribal).

Right now, what I’m going to teach you can be done from a mobile device (smart phone or pad), but it’s much easier with a laptop or tabletop computer. What is required is a preferably high-speed internet connection, which is free if you visit the library, or costs you about $3 at a coffee shop [unless you buy a delicious breakfast or green juice!]. There are pay-as-you-go and discounted mobile internet services you can get by using a Sim Card (if you don’t want to pay for monthly internet) such as Freedom Pop. You will also need a bank account to receive payments, cash checks and transfer possible donations (even cash up front which you will later deposit through an ATM machine). Most people use PayPal Card Readers or Square (Only $10 at Staples) to instantly accept debit cards, but there are free apps like Cash.me and PayPal.me. Do some research and see what payment platform is most accessible to you. If you don’t have a phone but you have internet and a computer, get a Gmail phone number or a free 1-800 number to block your regular number, where people can reach you via telephone. Alternatively, you may prefer a video program so get one of these: Skype, Zoom, use Facebook Messenger or FaceTime to connect. Lastly, there are TONS of free e-mail providers, so hook that up! Now you’re all set for the next part.


In most countries, you can get online information through Google. If at any time you feel you “don’t know”, look it up! A good researcher knows what language to type into a search engine to find answers. “How to” is one of the most searched-for terms! Don’t worry about “SEO” too much unless you are more corporate or really need to be seen.  Rather, focus on this symbol “#” (a.k.a. hashtags), “keywords”, “search terms” and “search engines” (such as Yahoo, Pinterest, MSN or the default one with your web-browser).  You can also take courses at a local library or university to learn how to study, research and know the latest tech.

So far, I have given you essential tools and reminded you of the skills you need to know to make that $1000. This money will come to you extra fast if you are able to hook up some sort of platform.  First, do you prefer live, in-person interaction or cyberspace? You have to pick one, because money follows a current and people who like what you do will want to pay you for it! Next, focus on visualizing where you can locate or develop this platform. Are you going to rent space, create a forum, join a group or hold meetings? All of these can be done on land or with a land-line! I personally suggest having at least one social media account where you display your name, what you do, and how you can be contacted, unless you are handing out pamphlets or business cards and relying on word-of-mouth.

One of the biggest mindset blocks I see with talented, spiritual-cosmic people is they struggle with how to Do The Right Thing, like Spike Lee’s movie! To get over that initial anxiety, check out my blog post called “How to Ground Your Art onto the Planet.” I’ve been learning from the beings I channel, called the Orion Council, that FOCUS is very important when it comes to PLANETARY ASCENSION. If you are all-over-the-place, three grounding things you can do right now are:

  1. Ask yourself, “do I need to create with masculine energy and support myself or promote myself more to receive on the feminine side?”
  2. Make a list of your top three skills. (Are you good at any of the following: cheering people up; being empathic; showing courage; giving generously; behaving independently; striving for freedom; showing appreciation; using your imagination; sharing your joy; exemplifying intelligence; holding a vision; taking responsibility?) I’ll bet you are competent in more than one of these.
  3. Focus on the four people closest two you, and stop fretting over everybody else! I understand if you come from a big family and have lots of pets. You get extra points and gratitude for handling all of them! Great job, you’re more equipped than you knew! Go and decide what is costing you money, energy and happiness, then try a different platform. Where are your people most active? Which ones do your friends and family enjoy?

When you get clear about yourself in the third eye, you can anchor more of your SPIRIT into your body. Yas! Once that has happened, give a little look at my tried-and-true methods that put $1000 directly into my pocket:


Last but not least, I want to share with you the ultimate secret to my high-end-product-value payment: With everything you learned on Earth, apply that to the cosmos. With everything you learned in the cosmos, apply that to Earth! It really doesn’t have to get more complicated than that but since you are my tribe, here are even MORE ideas to get you going, immediately:

*Sign up for my online course, World Wide Witch (and learn 10+ years’ worth of experience how to work online as a psychic medium).

*Join a network in your niche, where you get at least 50% payout. Through trial-and-error, you will know what workload you can handle. Some people enjoy the thrill of a commission-based salary, they feel it pushes them harder. Others like a very clean-cut, up-front deal because it’s safe. Remember to be flexible with this, because companies change their policies and it’s business, never personal. Then, when a good system works for you, stick with it! You may be exactly what they were looking for and vice versa. Enjoy your blessing as angels were behind it, pulling those strings for you (remember your prayer?)! An unsuccessful man told me once, “angels aren’t in my vernacular” and I beg to differ- we all have a Guardian Angel assigned to us at birth. If you are [somewhat] psychic like him, but want to continue training your skills and get better at doing readings, you need to be of service to others (the beginning ‘let’s make this up’ part is all right but you can actually refine your ajna center, as there are many layers to this). I recommend starting out on a hotline, webcam or with friends doing demos at least 4x/week so 16/h/week. You’ll work quickly when your vibration is high so putting aside a time for this is best.

*Do a live-stream of a live event (or pre-recorded) where you charge for the event or charge for the follow-up which your people show interest in (make sure you are excited about it, too)! Example: 20 people in person or in a Google Hangout, at $20 each ($400); then 60 people at $10 each online ($600) ~ This is common for 5-year businesses in the esoteric sector. If you want top people at your event, expect to pay them at least $100 an hour of speaking. You can charge extra for coordinating the event, but explain the payout to your speakers or else you’ll be shady and they won’t come back next year. Consistent events grow in popularity, as do the hard-working people producing content for them! On the other hand, very talented people will develop a client base and can become very hard-to-get, so treat them well if you believe in them. I can’t tell you how many people got “over on me” for cheap because I was a newbie. It was tough to deal with, but I wrote about it in my book Starseed Survival (click here to get your copy today).

*Sell your package deal at a vending booth, fair, concert, festival, meetup or congress, but save a couple hundred dollars to rent the space! Plan on at least 3 days of selling (do NOT leave early, have some faith)! You can do this yourself as a “retreat”, where the discount deals you get at agencies will pay off the lodging and transportation for you (the work is you figuring out the logistics). Bring your product along and do a live demo!

*FLIP the haters! Check this out:


*Offer a giant piece of art once a month such as your entire wardrobe, a collection or something you can rent! This can also be your online course, a product you sell through a top network, selling an online media platform, having an online shop with at least 100 items, and making a YouTube channel that gets a minimum of 40,000 views when you activate Google AdSense!

*Consider these income strategies: 3-6 photoshoots for friends or entrepreneurs who may have overlooked the importance of visually showing themselves; Virtual or Personal Assistance (look for work on Craigslist or connect to business people on Facebook) assisting one person a week (even better if you care)!; Giving tutorials; Organizing items, a space or event; Running errands by foot in the city; Creating social media packages; Editing and translation services / Sell 100 books, paperbacks, ebooks, Kindle books and audiobooks (get 10 people to give you good reviews and they might come back for more)!; One-on-one cooking sessions (people shouldn’t charge for potlucks, as you are the person bringing a plate of food, but they can for the entertainment provided during crunchy munch-time)!

*If you haven’t already, check out my Pinboards (by clicking right here). I have two that help you work online and find your dream job. Some of my favorite articles (95% of them are read a.k.a. pre-approved before pinning) include: How to Throw a Launch Party (it mentions making a page dedicated entirely to your product and consistency, doing giveaways of your new product and PicMonkey); Free Stock Photosarticles (great for filling up visual space/creatively in between long texts like I did just here, although people do like original photos); Pinterest Marketing Strategies (64 calls-to-action which is calming for creative but unorganized types; interesting points on mixing content, creating inspirational collages and focusing on lifestyle; adding a watermark for identity; holding contests); 9 Content Types to Get You Started on Periscope (audience comments directly like on YouNow; repurposing content; improves speaking + presence; QnA’s; Pep Talks; Announcements; live Events like Facebook)

Now there’s no excuse for you not to be in business! Take the plunge with all this clarity and I’ll see you on the flipside!

~Krista Raisa

Psychic Medium, Author, Artist