5 Apps for Starseeds

5 Apps for Starseeds: Tools that help if you are in contact with E.T.s

  1. E.T. Contact Tool by Stephen Greer – ($6.99) is a ship-calling app which helps you to set up a meditation to create a coherent thought-wave, to vector in other dimensional craft. Applying remote viewing techniques, this app has two hours of tutorials, training materials, a magnetometer, compass and examples for how to attract spacecraft. My partner utilized these techniques on Mt.Shasta and had success. These are also used by C-SETI initiatives.
  2. Starwalk (I & II) – ($4.99) Use this by holding up your mobile device to the sky and see what constellation is in front of you. You can do searches for celestial bodies and pull up information on over 120,000 stars. This is great for getting in tune with what star system you may come from in our local cluster. Also check out mine and Vanessa Lamorte’s video Find Your Starseed Origins Exercise to test your intuition with your own galactic memories. Just know that there are stars that aren’t catalogued and you have probably visited more than one planet.
  3. The Fourth Dimension – ($2.99) helps you to spacially perceive the next dimension over. It is a mathematical manual with simple graphics and a 3D touch interface. Understanding that we are like our own shadows to 4-dimensional beings helped me to understand more of the astral plane. This was recommended to me by a friend with a ph.D in physics.
  4. Alien Sky – ($2.99) allows you to put stars, planets, galaxies, and moons into your photos for a futuristic twist. I used this for one edit on my latest book cover. The scenes are high quality, realistic sci-fi.
  5. Splice : Tree of Life – ($9.99) is a puzzle game that helps you to create divine DNA that brings forth life. It teaches you how Source creates DNA, which is namely you, balancing out your brain hemispheres with harmonic creativity. This is like an activation.

-Krista Raisa

Channel, Teacher, Healer, Artist