7 Tools to Get Organized

Living colorfully means you make a mess of things but then you get it together. This is pretty much what happens when you shift brain hemispheres, clean out your handbag or see your kid rearranging their toys into special places. Just the simple act of putting things and thoughts in order can help us feel better, stay focused and creative with quality. Without much further ado here is a list of 7 tools to help you live minimally, innovate and remember everyday basics for wellness.


  1. Organization Videos:  I did not know professional organizers existed until YouTube. The best part is some of them are still in high school! They will teach you everything from how to make D.I.Y. notebooks to travel savings jars to maintaining a pantry with seven sisters. Even if you don’t live like they do, at least their energy is such that you’ll feel a resonance to their enthusiasm over cleanliness and order. I used to think it was corny that one of my grandparents put labels on their shelves but it actually helps you get through your sleepy morning routine sin problemas!
  2. Breezy House Music: Slowly there is more ambient tuned to the heart chakra cycle per second hertz. The regular note “A” is 440HZ, which is not the same as the classical/ancient musician’s 432HZ! Amazingly, you can get sound sample apps that you can tune to that frequency. I have heard electronic music artist Michael Scalar uses this, but even if you don’t have this yet, keep enjoying music! I just discovered Jon Medina on Spotify, which is so happy and ethereal, you could just dance!
  3. Carbs and Proteins: I was recommended to “carb up” by two Herbalife physical fitness coaches and “protein in the morning” by a therapist who taught meditation to Vietnam war vets. While I’m no nutritionist, I know it’s easier to recall information better right after you wake up, like crossword puzzles and psychic-spiritual information. When living and studying in Finland, we always had a big multifaceted midday lunch and that helped us to focus, also keeping students full who didn’t or couldn’t eat breakfast in the morning. If you’re a braniac who loves books and knowledge, recall that proteins maintain the tissues and organs of our bodies and carbohydrates are forms of sugars that feed our cells. You need these both for energy and repair. If you want to try out an awesome pea-plant protein my mom and I have used for years, shake a leg and click here (I get a commission!): http://staycurly.sevenpoint2.com/
  4. Plant Medicine:  It’s definitely true that the Earth needs more people who talk with plants (this is a God-given GIFT we have been persecuted for in the past) and the witches of herbal healing need to reveal themselves in the light! You can get any kind of tincture these days over the internet like vibropathics from Hanna’s Herb Shop or just do a search for your pains. For instance, one I got on Etsy helps me with menstrual cramps instantly (much better than Mid0l, sorry not sorry big pharma!), it’s called Sweet Relief by Sundial Medicinals. Furthermore, if you want to read about my experience with psychedelic plants for educational purposes, check out my latest book Starseed Survival (available in Kindle and paperback). What you should know is after I tried these a couple years ago, my brain has since then been permanently changed for the better. I’ve beaten fears and confronted my own thoughts, many which have been self-destructive. These are for peoples’ awareness and shamans who want to get it done and heal FOR REAL.
  5. Wall Reminders: As a visual person, you can’t go wrong with big text that is up on the wall, in your face. One of the first things I got when starting work over the internet was a whiteboard. It was really small and could barely fit my huge list of ideas. My boyfriend helped push me to walk over to Staples and invest in a $34 one, which is really big and I’ve used it ever since. You can teach with it, make to-do lists, add art and my favorite: post-its! Post-its of different colors help you tackle tasks, jot down recommendations and manage shipments/client to-do’s/birthdays, etc. Use them for break-time lyrics, sudden dream goals, branding reminders and names/numbers! On my other wall I have my favorite calendar by Caroline Goldfarb who is known for her funny-celebrity-photo instagram account called @officialseanpenn.
  6. Desktop Reminders: Here’s my Target tray [above]! It took a while to invest in this, but after seeing it all over Youtube on cute girls’ apartments’ coffee tables for their candles and pumpkins I had to. You can get a more affordable one on Amazon (click right here) and it’ll come to the same price since you add shipping. This tray has been used as a festival display, a while-cleaning organizer, a crystal arrangement and is now an “immediate items” space for my desk. No need to worry about lipsticks rolling onto the floor or misplacing that fisheye lens! Next, if you’re using the internet or a MAC, you’ll already have on your computer the Notes app and Google Docs in gmail. There’s also iCAL where you can see a monthly schedule. To break down a daily routine I recommend physical handwriting into a notebook (which I feel is a wonderment if you have anxiety). I just got my first life planner from Wonderlass but filled up my own writer witch notebook (available here on my Etsy shop now on sale for $7.50) and am thoroughly enjoying bullet journaling in a 7.5″ x 9.75″ moleskine classic.
  7. A Sense of Humor: Sometimes the soles of your feet get dirty, dog drool gets whipped onto the wall and your glasses get foggy but guess what that is life. My Finnish-French friend once told me that Parisians believe a home should be “lived-in”, thus housing objects with meaning. I totally agree, not just because dinner at her house was the bomb, but it’s true if you want to visually motivate yourself because good memories make ya feel nice inside! Create energies of inspiration, curiosity or mind-expansion, where you keep all your most obscure, creepy, trippy items. Hold some of these unfathomable objects in your left, receiving hand. Do you sense anything from that crystal, perhaps a three-dimensional symbol emerging? Are you really sure she won’t mind that melting smiley face sticker on the mirror? Will he be okay with that talisman your great granny bought in Rio de Janeiro? If you live with other people, just become a minimalist a.k.a. get rid of anything that makes you feel like *peep* (that is also “feng shui of the mind” I came up with in Starring, You: A Self-Love Guide). All in all, this article has helped you forgive you and the energies you cohabitate with, so get back in that vortex, Esther! Laughter is the BEST medicine to even anybody out.



See you on the flipside!

~Krista Raisa

Psychic Medium, Author, Artist