Psychic Readings

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30 min $75     1 HR $130     1.5 HR $185     2HR $240




Krista’s Experience: 10 years, 1000+ people

Speaking languages: English, Finnish

Specialties: Galactic energies, Mediumship, Careers, Relationships, Life Path & Soul Healing

☆ Tools:

  • INTUITION; Clairaudience; Clairsentience; Empathy; Channeling
  • ANGEL TAROT (mainly for relationships)
  • PENDULUM (to check your chakra spin rate and implications)
  • ORACLE CARDS (most popular decks: Life Purpose, Past Lives, Animal Totems, Affirmations, Flower Therapy, angel Therapy, Ascended Masters)

☆ I DO:
Promote peace, love, compassion, freedom, acceptance, boundaries, health, Contact, FUN, JOY, HUMOR!

☆ I DON’T:
Predict…. or pretend to “know”. Energy is fluid and constantly morphing. I can only tell you what I have permission to.


Any topic goes, I just need names for love readings. I will tune in using one or multiple abilities and use them accordingly. In some cases I need to check your chakras and the spin direction to see the psychological implications.

Krista’s Passions:

  • Spiritual laws & Truth
  • Helping people understand who they truly are
  • Health and Wellness
  • Inspiring others to live/love to their fullest potential and in joy!!!
  • Ascended masters, nature spirits. unicorns, animal spirits, family spirits, God/Source/Spirit, angels, archangels and star cultures!!
  • Transparent communication, from the heart.
  • Reading, writing and music. I have written several books, studied Masters level literature as well as psychology and anthropology at the University of Eastern Finland~ I am a caring artist who also loves rap music!
  • Exercise, good nutrition, meditation, creativity and Ascension!
 Favorite Quotes:
“Possessions make you rich? I dont have that kind of richness. My richness is life, forever.” -Bob Marley
“Be the change you wish to see…” – Gandhi
“Until the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix