7 Ways to Stay Motivated

It feels so good when someone you admire asks you, “how did you do it?” After all the trials and tribulations, you came out with a product, service, installment or something that made your heart sing and people recognized it. I love it when that happens! However, there are days when I slump around on the couch and get stuck. This is why I made you this little post to take the gum off the shoe sole and keep moving!


  1. Forget the have-to’s: All the excuses, like, “I have to clean first, I have to buy something, have to have to…” need to go out the window. There is nothing else you have to do if you are doing something to survive. Everyone understands, “I have to work”, but if it’s a creative project that is fulfilling who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience, then it’s easy to get distracted. I’d like to think that both go hand-in-hand, but people on this planet do practice separation between what’s needed and what’s leisure. In any case, as mentioned in my Living Your Life Purpose e-book, doing what you came here to do will always give you energy! I was told by several spiritual beings such as faeries and E.T.s, that they promise to help us out when we stick to our commitment, a.k.a. priorities to planet Earth.

  2. Just lean into it:  It’s really true that motivation comes from doing. I say, once you’re in the pool, you get used to the temperature. This is often the case with creative minds- all they have to do is take the first step and begin the actual process. All it takes is putting the paintbrush in your hand, dipping it into the pain or err, paint, and moving it along the canvas.
  3. Do a little at a time:  Think, “just 10 minutes!” and schedule yourself for the next work week. Get a calendar even! Keep it simple like a minimalist. As highly sensitive perfectionists, we tend to over-do. People are busy these days anyway and unless you are a writer, you may want to just stick to basics. Your knowledge is still appreciated! Plus, you can’t do everything. Some people will actually enjoy this new style.
  4. Visualize: See yourself in your third eye completing the task. This is a very simple practice, but when you have a concept and “see it” over your forehead/psychic movie screen, you are making energy pathway connections to your sixth sense. The reward? Materializing on the physical plane, which is one of the greatest gifts you could do for us all!
  5. Talk with someone who inspires you: Consider someone who is a “together” person, what would they do? Thinking of unsuccessful people is okay, but after the brooding period you get good at this self-motivation thing. Remember Abraham’s channeled message through Esther Hicks or the “rocket of desire” teaching: when you are in a situation you dislike, you are shooting up rockets of desire for what you WOULD really like! It’s only when we are in bad company that we begin a downwards spiral out of 5D. I like to think of this as being a doctor in a hospital. You HAVE to have some kind of support system after dealing with illness everywhere. My friend’s parents are both doctors and they always have a beautiful family dinner when they get home. Another doctor friend of my dad’s built a pool inside his house to decompress after checking up on an entire basketball team during tournament season!
  6. Document your progress: Share on social media your creative process to inspire others! I love the timeline/story feature! Seeing other productive people (like your favorite do-ers on instagram) is much more motivating than looking at people who feel like they had life handed to them, or make exaggerated anger posts with zero solutions or requests for help. Also, put awards and achievements on the wall! For instance, I put on my favorite jumper and took a picture of myself doing my work for this blog post! One of my achievements for today is getting this blogpost done and editing the wazoo out of this pic! Doing this writing also got me so hyped that I’m ready to finesse it with my audio project. Yes, there are certain astrological days when it won’t be good to make certain decisions, so having multiple tasks organized (e.g. neon post-its that you put on your office door or erasable marker on a whiteboard) in visual form can help.
  7. Remember the last time you were awesome: Maybe you felt really good wearing some crystals. Perhaps you were on stage and rocked the mic right in middle school. When was the last time you really “nailed it”? As someone who is constantly learning new computer systems and artistic ways to express my message, I tend to forget all the good that’s been done. Thinking in numbers helps me to make mental lists of progress. In my video, 7 Tips for Doing Readings, I talk about my last nine years working as a psychic and all I’ve gleaned, like pattern-recognition and understanding human-starseeded behavior! Another example: a good friend of mine made lists of all the movies he’s watched and everyone he’s subscribed to (reasons unknown, but definitely helped me with my lunchtime anxiety). My roommate from college sat on the floor once, surrounded by all her journals and stationary, revisiting  old timelines, telling us funny dating stories and throwing out those of zero emotional significance. (I believe Taisha Abelar called this “recapitulation.”)

It’s up to you if you want to go somewhere and that is the coolest feeling because you’ll now be taking charge of your life, rather than being caught up in the astral current. I’m happy you now want to uplift your vibe and remain grateful, to do even greater things!

Crystal Meanings Part 1

Tuned into my 💎crystals (many of which you guys gave me as mentioned in the latest video🙏🏾) and jotted down the sensations I got from each of them (these are the ones I recognize by heart). From top to bottom rows:

1. Andara- helps one to find peace within their situation

2. Calcite- opens you to the world, sparking curiosity

3. Bloodstone- abundance, instantly

4. Rose Quartz- connects you to gentle Ascension, to Heaven

5. Blue topaz- doorway to clearing; infinite possibilities

6. Tiger’s Eye- is a protection spell within itself; mystery

7. Moonstone- feminine soft, calm, forgiveness

8. Rainbow Moonstone- Opens meridian pathways

9. Fluorite- peppy; “I can do it” sort of confidence; helps w/manifesting opportunities

10. Hematite- lungs, moon, timing; joints, bones

11. Clear quartz- adjustments of any kind & much more, therapeutic; enhances natural longevity + purposeful living

12. Ammonite- helps w/focusing

13. Larimar- gives you a sense of being guided in life; helps lonely people

14. Snowy Quartz- calms nervous energy centering you in the heart; affirms self-loving activities

15. Labradorite- opens the pathways to many dimensions & Mystery Schools, but also helps you love where are you are; centering

16. Lapiz Lazuli- psychic surgery (e.g. removes bitterness from gall)

17. Ruby Kyanite- self-love; reverence; welcoming in a new home, brings attention to itself

18. Diorite- ancient knowledge & prehistory

19. Sapphire- ability to logic & reason

20. Amethyst- justice; respect for practice; intuition and trusting one’s self; inherent wisdom; practical spirituality, being genuine & kind (amethyst has lots of instructions for us which has me feeling this list could get pretty long)

Building a Creative Space

Home is where your stuff is.”

-my friend Laura


As a millennial, I have “moved house” 19 times. I’ve attended nine different schools and traveled to 13 different countries. Half my life was spent in the United States, the other in Finland. I lived and worked in Hawai’i and south of London for 3 months each, sleeping in a tropical loft of a computer room and in a carvery B&B with my friend Elina. It’s very easy for me to pack a bag and head to nowhere in particular, but there’s usually a very good reason. I follow my intuition.

In my most recent online workshop, we brainstormed with the group and one guy decided he was going to work on his creative space. This term is very familiar to me, because I used to follow an online forum on LiveJournal.com called “Creative Spaces.” For years, ever since I lived on my own after high school, I perused internet photographs of peoples’ homes. Then, I’d create drawings of my “ideal room.” Years later, I’m still excited when my mom and dad (who are separated) DM a photo to my cellphone of how their living room or bedrooms are decorated, on the same day, mind you. However, I’ve expanded from room goals to house plans because our current spaces are overflowing with creative projects and work supplies. The whole process of getting to where I am now unfolded naturally, because God gives everyone what they need and only gives us what we want when we are grateful for what we already have.

When it comes to self-expression, doing what you love and serving the world with original ideas manifested into physical form from your soul, requires space. A lot of the time, we may feel we have to compromise in order to fulfill our dreams. From 2013-2014 I didn’t even have my own cubicle. To make ends meet and live with my dream guy, I had to bunk with roommates and work out of the patio, bedroom and/or kitchen of the rental homes we were in. More often than I liked, someone’d be walking around talking, knocking at the door or arguing with their spouse. Surely I did the same things, but for the sake of this article look at the situation from my perspective.

(Left-to-Right) my first apartment in Kotka, Finland; my college dorm in Korpilahti, Finland; my studio while attending University in Joensuu, Finland; and my office in Sedona, USA

Teaching classes, making videos, creating artistic goods and writing books can certainly be done from the beach, but to live like a cyber nomad means you have roots somewhere. As early as the 1800s, wealthy young men in Europe were encouraged by “society” to travel the globe during their college years to “find themselves.” In the 1940s to 1960s, beatniks had the means to hop trains, trip in Morocco for inspiration and do makeup for hours on end because America was at war (so the economy went up) and the Middle Class banked. Writers and artists like Hunter S. Thompson, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Edie Sedgwick, Jack Kerouac and Paul Bowles wrote/documented/acted out of hotel rooms, big city apartments and fine art studios. Similarly, today’s travelers often come from comfortable family backgrounds, have trust funds or laboring lovers. The difference now, is people are spending less, laws are more strict and the Pluto in Scorpio generation live with their parental units.

The point of all of this is to remind the reader to never give up. Also, remember to accept help when it’s offered. Do not let your pride prevent you from missing an incredible opportunity to expand your starseeded mission. Moving along in our “life purpose” is hugely important to so many these days because people no longer plan on working at the mom-and-pop shop after school, they want to see the world and make a difference in it. It takes a grounded method, consistent work and dreams to follow through with this vision. Your creative space is where you document your ideas, whether that is a notebook, laptop, car or warehouse. The system you choose will require maintenance, flexibility, visual planning and inner motivation. If you lack the energy to move, hate on others, hide your strengths or think talent gets handed to you, don’t expect the world to respond. Keep your feet on the ground and honor your ancestors who blessed you.

When pioneering anything, remember you share energy with people in your immediate environment. For a few months, I lived with a very loving Mexican family in 2013. Although I had to speak only in Spanish and bunk with four kids, I felt safe. Having lived with a family for weeks in Murcia, Spain, while in high school, I was preparada! Today, I have so much respect for others’ culture and stories. (You can read more in my latest book, Starseed Survival.) Every new situation helps us to remain humble yet self-valuing, focused but flex.

Whether you have money or not, feel alone or overwhelmed, you’ll get there. Start setting up shop in a tiny corner, buy secondhand items and carry buckets of water up a hill while your freedom is priceless.

Here’s a list of items from the photographs above that helped me feel cozy while I learned about my true musical tastes, fashion sense and spirituality:

  1. Asian-style paper lamps (from Ikea) and faery lights
  2. Red, orange and yellow colors (hand-sewn pillow cases and fabrics gifted/borrowed from friends or grandparents)
  3. Green plants (to see my plant-visualization board click here)
  4. Post-cards and ideas taped to the wall
  5. Stuffed animals for my inner child
  6. Affordable furniture
  7. Finnish design, wood and bamboo accents
  8. Purely Products negative ion plugs
  9. Small desk lamps for working at night
  10. Unicorn oracle cards

My clients now “show up” on social media after tuning into Spirit. They rolled out the yoga mat, invested in a camera and got over the naysayers. Two women flip their garage homes. Three men are fleeing their religious parents’ homes so that tarot cards, channeling extraterrestrials and going to festivals are a non-issue. Highly paid government officials are now forming conscious meetup groups, having children after multiple tries and coming out of the closet online. Those already “in their purpose” are finding greater inner strength to keep their online radios going, say no to arranged marriages and yes to true love whilst doing sex-work! All of these lightworkers take risks, put one foot out the door and keep the other in Wonderland. They are filled with courage, bright personalities, kindness and trust.

All in all, your creative space is inside of you, first. Then, it begins to materialize on the Earth plane. Don’t buy a tennis court and a swimming pool because the yacht club members do it. Do not assume that wanting to fill your house with crystals and rainbows is ostracizing. Your style is your own and may not “fit in”, but not fitting in will bring you peace, abundance and an extremely satisfying sense of self.

Enjoy the Path, it’s been set up just for you like the yellow brick road. You’ll be helped, you’ll get up and it’s going to be the ride of your life.


Being with the Beings: The How and the Why of ET Contact -paperback

Miguel Mendonça, author of “We Are Disclosure [Parts I & II]” and “Meet the Hybrids” just came out with a new book, Being with the Beings: The How and the Why of ET Contact. He has been doing research on hybrids and worked with incredible people such as Barbara Lamb, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and starseeds! This is cross-posted from Miguel’s social media. I’m so honoured to be a part of this project:


“Dear Friends – it’s here: Beings with the Beings – The How and the Why of ET Contact. It features interviews with nine people who have had long, ongoing contact with the beings, including channelers, hybrids and artists. They share a wealth of detail on how and why their contacts take place, and how this affects their day to day lives. It features 26 beautiful images (by Vashta Alex Narada, Ashley Ruiz, Tatiana Roumelioti, Kesara and others) depicting their contacts, and messages and other images that have been downloaded by them.

I am profoundly grateful to the participants: Leo Sprinkle (foreword), Lyssa Royal Holt, Darlene Van de Grift, Vanessa Lamorte Hartshorn, Krista A Raisa, Jujuolui Kuita,

Rob Gauthier, Vashta Alex Narada, Robert Fullington and Jacquelin Smith. It has been so much fun to put this together, and another huge learning and growing experience. […]

You can find the paperback right now on Amazon worldwide. The Kindle version is coming soon, and I will announce that separately.

Please share this post with your friends and help us spread the word!”

Podcast with Anu Shi Asta

Heaven on Earth: Please subscribe to Anu Shi Asta’s iTunes podcast if you want Ancient Atlantean inspiration to your create your dream life & more! I’m in her episode talking about starseeds and Orion Council ! http://www.anushiasta.com/podcast/14/ She is traveling intercontinentally, teaching about angels and inspiring, uplifting the planet for several years helping me to wake up spiritually, even today! You may have heard about her in my book, “Starseed Survival” !!!