We Create Reality in Images

In “Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose: A Channeled Guide to Why You Are Here” Sonia Choquette channels the Emissaries of the Third Ray. In soul lesson number five, they explain how we create in pictures. This is third-eye work, where our pineal gland generates DMT, a naturally occurring psychedelic compound. The release of DMT is what causes so-called hippies to “trip”, meaning, they start “seeing things”! Ohh la la! [Insert dramatic drum-roll here!] Guess that makes us all hippies as children, on average, excrete more DMT than adults. (Babies are even more groovy because they laugh 50x more than adults in one day!)

Channeled messages such as the ones in this book are very helpful because they often teach through metaphor. To understand the teaching, the Emissaries explain: “You can, for example, place all the best building materials in the world in front of an empty lot, but without a picture of how the house should come together, the woods and nails will lie dormant, and there will be no creation.” In sum, we should hold a consistent image in our minds to manifest what we want, rather than constantly changing the building plans.

Sonia’s human example in the book is of Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He suffered from pancreatic cancer and healed himself in part by using actual photos of a healthy pancreas. (Did you know that placing an image of a person in a photonic chamber actually sends them light?) Mitchell reversed his cancer in four months.

We are working on many areas of life but the general spiritual message is that there is no limit to what we can create! You can create love, material and emotional desires, intimacy, good food, and more. To get to these personal matrices, we can use some simple steps from the Third Ray teachers. They include noticing, being proactive, focusing on beauty and describing your visions. Next level is becoming aware of the images you hold, changing them to what you actually want and studying the look of your desired object. To move past the ego spend at least ten minutes a day doing this, make collages and take photos of successes you already have. It takes practice but gets easier with all the fun you’ll be having, every morning.

Ghost Lessons from James Van Praagh

“A church is a vortex of spiritual energy, no matter the faith or denomination. People come together as a group to worship, contemplate, and pray in the name of God. These actions energize the spirit world, and ghosts show up to influence us with their love and guidance.”

“There is no pain when you die.”

“No one ever dies alone.”

“There are many levels of consciousness: [waking, automatic, higher].”

“There are lower, darker levels for unevolved souls and those who have not yet learned to appreciate their lives or the lives of others.”

“From what I have been told by spirits, it seems very common that when they first pass and return to their spiritual home, they are brought to a place (usually the childhood home) that looks identical to the environment they had on earth. If it is a home, everything, right down to the furniture and aromas, will be the same as the spirit remembers it.”

“One of the fastest ways to heighten our vibrations is through meditation.”

“I find it frustrating when I try to explain the incredible visions, colors, and feelings that are being communicated to me. Words don’t do the spiritual realms justice.”

“However, in the spiritual dimensions we gravitate to a dimension of like-mindedness and toward others who have the same points of view and are at the same level of evolvement as our own.”

“It helps to question our beliefs.”

“The mentally charged lower astral world amplifies all thoughts and emotions.”

“Many spirits pass into the light of the higher astral dimensions and arrive in a place I refer to as Summerland. This dimension is almost as real as earth. It is a world of amazing buildings and homes, the colors of which are incomprehensible by earthly minds. Many spirits in these realms communicate that the houses in which they live look exactly like their houses on earth, except that they are perfect in every way.”

“Once ghosts leave the lower realms and travel into the higher spiritual planes, they meet a variety of other spirits of a higher nature. Mainly, these spirits act as guides to us on earth and are able to influence our thoughts and actions in positive ways.”

“Helper guides influence and assist us by bringing out the innate talents imbedded within our soul’s makeup. […] Relationship guides work with our unique energy vibration to open our hearts to love so that we can share our lives with another. They guide us in attracting persons with whom we are karmically connected. We may have lessons to learn with certain people, or there may be strong love bonds that ahve been carried over from other lifetimes. Also, we have many soul mates, not just one, and each soul mate is a part of our soul group. A soul mate bears gifts in the form of life lessons. Relationship guides always bring the right people to us at the right time. There are no mistakes. Every person in our lives is there for a reason. […] Our families are a part of our soul group, and the experiences we share with our family members are probably the most difficult to understand and the most important to master.”

“[The Gatekeeper guide’s] main task is to protect us from any obstrusive energy (like earthbound ghosts) that might want to harm us.”

“The first chakra has to do with our survival instinct and basic physical needs. […] The second chakra is a source of clairsentience. […] It can be an emotional storage area for hurts. […] The third chakra has to do with will and a sense of self. […] Higher energy starts at the heart chakra. […] Through the throat chakra, mediums can hear the voices of ghosts, and ghosts can speak through channels with their actual voices. […] The third eye chakra is the gateway to the spiritual realms. […] The crown chakra is the seat of spiritual consciousness, enlightenment, mysticism, and protection.”

“Psychic vampires usually are self-involved individuals who feel self-important.”

“The human body has the exact type of electrical circuitry that is familiar to a ghost, and so it’s easy for a ghost to plug into our energy and take it.”

“Who is vulnerable to attachments? First of all, those who don’t take good care of their health. Second, those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol on a daily basis. Finally, those who have a mind-set of control over others and anger toward others, like gangbangers.”

“The easiest way to hear from a loved one is through our dreams.”

“Being sensitive to the world around you and using your intuition are the primary ways to tune in to the spirit world.”

“You must have permission to enter the property with the purpose of investigating paranormal activity.”

“When we reincarnate on earth, we bring with us a blueprint of all that has gone before. By choosing various people and situations with which to experience life, we are forced into situations that expedite our soul’s growth.”

“I have found over and over again in my work that the number-one regret for most ghosts is that they didn’t believe in themselves when on earth. […] When you take a conscious part in life and its multitudes of choices, you won’t let life happen to you– you will make life happen for you.”

“When someone transmits positive and loving thoughts, these thoughts are received by others and produce similar thoughts of love.”

“A thought is a living thing. When you think it, it’s as if you’re shooting a bullet into someone’s energy field. I have seen thousands of people come to my workshops with auras filled with psychic debris and thought forms from their family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. There is strength and power in thoughts, and we must learn to use them wisely and for everyone’s benefit.”

“It is important to note that if you send out negative thoughts, you will receive back what you have created.”

“To get the most benefit out of your intention, you must make it extremely specific and clear. You do not want to leave any room for generalities.”

“The more emotion you put into your thought, the more power it has to manifest. […] You too must play make-believe so that your dream becomes real. You have the right to live a happy and purposeful life, and it begins with making the correct spiritual choices. After all, whatever you do in this life you bring with you into the next.”

“Each choice reflects a belief based on either love or fear. […] Love is an energy that pulls all things together. Fear separates.”

From: Ghosts Among Us: Uncovering the Truth about the Other Side, by world-renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh

Seven Simple Self Care Reminders

“If you don’t [do your life purpose] you’ll feel like crap.” @manifest_gardens (IG)

1. Took the weekend off/ resting

2. Stopped _____ with social media

3. Decorated/Minded my environment

4. Listened to my body about what it wanted to eat and took action to ground my body

5. Creative writing in my own, special way

6. Tuned out with my thoughts where something only needed to be so simple

7. Sang, told the truth or wore a crystal necklace for my throat chakra


Starseeds, feel free to use this as a journaling exercise. You can even write up your own list of the top seven rituals you need to feel better right now. It only takes a couple minutes. If you can’t write, maybe step outside for ten minutes, meditate with your guides and ask for help. Trust that you will receive the guidance you need. Sometimes that guidance can come through as a person, a song, an idea that “flies in” out of nowhere, a gentle nudge or a vision. Trust those signals from your “team.”


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Guest Blogger Alessandra Gilioli channels Hathor-Sirians

Guest Blogger Alessandra Gilioli & the Hathor-Sirian Ascension Team: You Are Not Human

You are not of this world, dear one.

You came on a mission. That mission is near completion. You are a light body template of the highest realms. You came here on this planet to raise its frequencies and to bring higher potentials for the budding new race- a race of beings that had so much going for them and so much not. It is and has been the most exciting game-experiment of this side of the universe. Indeed, the whole universe is looking, anticipating the best reality show there ever has been and you are the protagonists. You are the way showers. You have, eons ago, volunteered to come on this mission as the ground crew part of Team Ascension. You have given of yourselves, of your bodies, in the process of alleviating and ascending an entire race so that this race, these humans could give birth to the Galactic Human Race.

The Galactic Human race is the race that will and shall be capable of residing in all realms at all times with ease and grace. The new emerging Galactic Human is a race of beings that has been long planned and long awaited for in this world for all beings have no way of being entirely in each other’s worlds. There are ways, tmethods, telepathic links, jumps and interfaces but the Galactic Human holds the gene pool of every race that wishes to interface with one another. This gene pool is wide, vast and far reaching. It is expansive and also explosive. For this reason, this project of all other projects has been the most sought-after, keenly observed and maintained. And you are the beings of the highest caliber who made the cut.

You are the bravest souls to volunteer to come down for this incredible venture. It is now nearing its final round and this round is the most exciting one. For in this current timeline, all timelines are converging. Do you not feel the presence of ALL of your lives in one? Do you not feel the bombardment of all the lessons learned and relearned, the layers of healing and of doubt? As you feel these you are re-living lives of lower density Earth. No, these are not lessons. You know all of this as you are and always have been a supreme being. You are here, for you have given of yourself. Yes, all experiences are and shall be treasured by the All Mighty as you re-enter Unity Consciousness where you enrich the fiber of all beings. But know this: you are perfect and you ever shall be.

In this final stage of your lives on Earth, in these end and beginning times you are finding yourself shedding the human cloak. You are no longer an ego-based unique person. Your life no longer follows the ego-centered path plugged into the current mind-programming of the status quo. If you are still in ego programming you are simply playing a game. Your true essence is yet to be rooted in the here and now current illusionary state of humanity. HOWEVER, you are no longer human. You are now fully merging with ALL OF YOUR SELVES. This includes your higher selves, your guides, your angels, your God-Self that is serving as a higher beacon for other realms and your angelic selves. All timelines are confluencing to the here and now.

As the veil has been gradually lifted you now have access to YOUR GREATER PERSONAL POWER. This means that if you so dare to ask your guidance team you can now move your assemblage point the marker of your reality to move even higher. With ease, grace, and intuitive collaborative work with your Higher Self and guidance team, you are now being invited to move your assemblage point to a part where it allows you to feel. Be immersed in your Higher Self and be a larger being on Earth.

Yes dear one, you are now being called to be in your full might. You are now being called to step into your mastery. You are now being called to be the greater you that is you. Now is the time to be a giant on Earth. You are perfect.

This is for the world that is asking for you to shed your light so that others may see, too, what they do not realize they can be also. Your courage will affect all others who are seeking this. Whether consciously or not, millions need you now. For this reason, give up on your egocentric path, the idea that as a human are you are to achieve this end, provide that or live a certain way. Be free of what you think is or should be. Ego is not a bad program, it is simply a program and it has held you in place as it was meant to do and it is now allowed to release it’s grasp passing on the baton to Unity Consciousness.

In Unity Consciousness you are slowly slipping in to a more vast reality where you are released of the stress of being, doing, achieving, continually monitoring what and who you are.

In Unity Consciousness you are all that you ever were and more. You connect with the continual feeling, loving connection embracing your higher self, guides, soul family and more. It is indeed a state of ecstatic union. In this place of being, you are then anchored to further do your work, expand in experience and express your highest potential.

We are inviting you now to be your God-Selves, to be free from current mind programming and to be in a constant state of peace, love and Union with your Higher Self.

We are the Hathor-Sirian Ascension Team. We are your guardians, your light and more. Importantly, we are your star crew and soul family. We love you endless and we have always the greatest respect for you. Amen.

Alessandra Gilioli, MFA
     Intuitive Healer


Alessandra is an international speaker, healer, visionary artist, sound alchemist & quest leader. Her degrees are in Psychology, art, mythology and has studied some neuroscience to work with expanded consciousness. She wrote and illustrated the Galactic Traveler oracle cards currently being published in Japan and translated into Portuguese. Alessandra has lived in Italy, USA and Argentina and travels to sacred sites worldwide leading ceremonies. 

~Channeled message and art with love from AlessandraGilioli.com [Blog section holds little channeled gems with new perspectives from many different star beings!]

How to Survive Online Harassment While Doing God’s Work

And you’re out here trying to do the Lord’s work.” -Youtube viewer/supporter

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (sorry not sorry- Hawai’i was on the map). However, if you loved the recent guest summer blog posts, please consider becoming a guest blogger (even if it’s a one time deal). We’d all love to hear from you. And with that being said, you must know that I just posted a video to help out online business spirituals. You can view it here: “How to Charge for Spiritual Work.”

I was recently inspired by social media marketing guru, Kimberly-Ann Jimenez, because her Youtube presence is on how to build an online business and she had one video on how to survive the haters. She is beautiful, smart and savvy just like many of you here. It doesn’t make sense that someone would hate on her, but they did. And while I already wrote about this in my book Starseed Survival, and made a comedy video on trolls, I never blogged about sick, angry people. Since those creations, I’m happy to say the problem-children are now less and less.

I’ll share with you why that is so, but before the good news, here’s a brief unmasking:


What I did to manage all this in my head was 1) report + block/delete 2) ruminate with a girlfriend on FB 3) combat with rap lyrics 4) save every bit of evidence to hold in court 5) remove location-sharing on every app. I told myself “this is a first world problem” and “this is nothing compared to some real life humans”.

At the time, I dealt with trickster spirits from the 4th dimension, con-artists at my dinner table, a trigger-happy alcoholic/medicated landlord and international stalkers. IRL (in real life) I learned from a head court judge that I should have reported these guys immediately.  I was being NICE to them by not raining in with the law. My lawyer was WRONG to tell me to ignore it.

Because I fought back and healed my mind, these people retreated and possibly sought out easier targets or healed in jail. This is why I want to share my love with all the ladies (and nice guys) who had my back over the internet. It’s people like you, who take one step with being more positive, that help. I truly appreciate you and hope that you continue being brave.

When you do something for the first time, it’s scary, but it gets a lot easier because you improve over time. The more sophisticated your system becomes, the more you support yourself and gain confidence for being physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.


Go ahead and check out my book “Starseed Survival” for intelligent come-backs and mental tools to deal with it and overcome this stuff like a champ: https://amzn.to/2DBp1yF