Krista Raisa is an accomplished psychic medium, multi-dimensional channel, intuitive artist, spiritual teacher and healer. She is well-known internationally thanks in large part to her success as a YouTube sensation. Her YouTube Channel has thousands of subscribers from all across the globe. She was raised in New York City, and has lived and studied in Finland. Currently she resides in Sedona, Arizona.

Her mainstream education includes Master’s Degree studies in English Literature with a heavy focus on Psychology and Cultural Studies from the University of Eastern Finland. Non-conventional studies include Angel Tarot and Master’s Reiki. Krista is bi-lingual speaking fluent English, Finnish and some basics in Spanish.

Awakening to the spiritual nature of reality began for her at an early age when she built an altar in her closet at age nine, but it wasn’t until 2011 that it moved to the forefront and became the main driving force in her life. Krista always had a strong, sincere desire to help our planet and the life living on it.

Krista is a contactee and an ambassador for a collective known as the Orion Council. In 2011 this collective revealed themselves as she spontaneously began trance channeling in a Whole Foods car park! Orion Council are a benevolent group of amphibious E.T.s from Betelgeuse, accompanied by Angels.

Since then, Krista has authored multiple books on spirituality, metaphysics and self-help topics, available on Amazon.com. Furthermore, her Galactivate ormus (co-created with Arcturus RA) and handmade artistic pieces are highly rated on Etsy.com. Listen to her channeled content and alternative raps on iTunes and Spotify. Shop her closet via the DePop app. Get a reading through this site and via InstantGo. Watch the live demos and book excerpt readings that are conducted via YouTube on weekends and Instagram on weekdays!

Keep a third eye out for paperback #7 before school starts in 2018 and ASCENSION 101 online course on the Krista’s Angels school this autumn/winter 2018!!!!


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Guest Appearances/Media:

CONTACT IN THE DESERT (Vendor 2018/2017/2016/2015)

SEDONA JOURNAL OF EMERGENCE (Columnist April 2018/eColumnist 2014)

INTL. UFO CONGRESS (Vendor 2018/2017/2016)

QUANTUM CONVERSATIONS with Lauren Galey (Guest Channeler 2016 2017)
SPOON OF CONSCIOUSNESS with Sachin Sharma (Podcasts 2017)
BEYOND THE ORDINARY with John Burgos (Guest Channeler 2017)
WHY IS THIS TRUE? with Denny Hunt (Guest Speaker 2017)
BEING WITH THE BEINGS -Amazon book by Miguel Mendonça (Book Chapter 2017)
GODDESS GATHERING with Christina Martine (Guest Speaker 2017)

HEAVEN ON EARTH RADIO with Anu Shi Asta (Guest Speaker 2017/2016)
THE CHANNEL PANEL (Featured Channeler 2017)
THE MOORE SHOW with Kevin Moore (Guest Speaker: 2017/2016)
MAKER MISTAKER PODCAST with Jeff Finley (Podcast 2016)
ARE YOU PSYCHIC?, Newark, N.J. (Main Speaker 2016)

SEDONA LIVE CHANNELING EVENT, Sedona, AZ (Main Channeler 2015)
STARSEED RADIO with Jonah Bolt (Guest Speaker 2014)
SPIRIT SCIENCE (Columnist 2014)
STARSEED ALLIANCE -live event -Sedona, AZ (Guest speaker 2013)
ULTRA LEHTI (Finnish language Columnist 2008)

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