How to Survive Online Harassment While Doing God’s Work

And you’re out here trying to do the Lord’s work.” -Youtube viewer/supporter

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (sorry not sorry- Hawai’i was on the map). However, if you loved the recent guest summer blog posts, please consider becoming a guest blogger (even if it’s a one time deal). We’d all love to hear from you. And with that being said, you must know that I just posted a video to help out online business spirituals. You can view it here: “How to Charge for Spiritual Work.”

I was recently inspired by social media marketing guru, Kimberly-Ann Jimenez, because her Youtube presence is on how to build an online business and she had one video on how to survive the haters. She is beautiful, smart and savvy just like many of you here. It doesn’t make sense that someone would hate on her, but they did. And while I already wrote about this in my book Starseed Survival, and made a comedy video on trolls, I never blogged about sick, angry people. Since those creations, I’m happy to say the problem-children are now less and less.

I’ll share with you why that is so, but before the good news, here’s a brief unmasking:


What I did to manage all this in my head was 1) report + block/delete 2) ruminate with a girlfriend on FB 3) combat with rap lyrics 4) save every bit of evidence to hold in court 5) remove location-sharing on every app. I told myself “this is a first world problem” and “this is nothing compared to some real life humans”.

At the time, I dealt with trickster spirits from the 4th dimension, con-artists at my dinner table, a trigger-happy alcoholic/medicated landlord and international stalkers. IRL (in real life) I learned from a head court judge that I should have reported these guys immediately.  I was being NICE to them by not raining in with the law. My lawyer was WRONG to tell me to ignore it.

Because I fought back and healed my mind, these people retreated and possibly sought out easier targets or healed in jail. This is why I want to share my love with all the ladies (and nice guys) who had my back over the internet. It’s people like you, who take one step with being more positive, that help. I truly appreciate you and hope that you continue being brave.

When you do something for the first time, it’s scary, but it gets a lot easier because you improve over time. The more sophisticated your system becomes, the more you support yourself and gain confidence for being physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced.


Go ahead and check out my book “Starseed Survival” for intelligent come-backs and mental tools to deal with it and overcome this stuff like a champ: