What is a Yoni Stone & How to Use One to Awaken Your Inner Goddess

What is a Yoni Stone?

Where energy goes, chi flows! When you give your Yoni focus and attention, more life force will flow there.

The Yoni is the sacred space where life is created the source of female power and pleasure. A yoni egg or stone is an egg or ball -shaped stone (generally carved from semi-precious gems) which you insert into the vagina. The egg is a symbol
of the universe as well as creation and fertility. 

Adult women of all ages and cycles have the ability to work with this magic.  Working with a yoni stone has the potential to:

• Awaken your inner Goddess
• Regulate hormones, increase libido and aid in fertility
• Increase natural lubrication
• Tighten and tone vaginal, pelvic floor and core muscles
• Increase intensity and number of vaginal orgasms
• Aid you in becoming more familiar with your anatomy
• Prevent and heal incontinence and prolapse
• Prevent tearing during childbirth
• Release energy from past lovers
• Release emotional pain energy stored in yoni
• Heal physical trauma and abuse
• Heal you with the metaphysical properties from the stone
• Aid in manifestation
• Heal generations of women through your DNA 


How Do I Choose a Yoni Stone?

Choose the stone you are intuitively drawn to working with.  Currently available at the Yoni Nurse Etsy shop are amethyst, opalite, rose quartz, jade, tiger’s eye and black obsidian eggs.
If you have never given birth, start with a medium or small size. If you have given birth vaginally or via a C-section then start with a large or medium depending on your preference. Some yoni stones are drilled for strings, some are not. Some are ball-shaped and others are egg-shaped. Choose one depending on your personal preference as there is no significant difference between them. Remember that an egg cannot get “lost” inside your body because your cervix will stop it from traveling too far.
Wash your stone with warm water and gentle soap such as Dr. Bronner’s. Cleanse your stone energetically by placing it under the light of the sun and moon or by a method of your choosing. Bond with your egg by leaving it out in the window seal or meditating with it prior to your first use.  When you’re ready, insert your egg large side up. You’ll feel your muscles instinctively contract to hold it in place. Use it for only 5-10 minutes your first time. Too much all at once can cause cramping. Be gentle and start slow. Emotions may arise and it is of the utmost importance to let them flow by moving your body through dance, yoga, stretching, or whatever feels good to you. Release what no longer serves you!
I believe that healing may be done without help from the mind. You don’t have to re-live trauma via memories to release it, just let it go and let it flow. The more you release the juicer, sexier, and more powerful you will begin to feel.

For women who have reincarnated in a male body, a stone may be used rectally as long as it’s drilled with strings attached.  Using an egg will aid you in creating an energetic Yoni space as well as providing the benefits previously mentioned.

Who is Yoni Nurse? 
I am a Light Worker, Starseed, Red Drum Carrier and currently work at my local hospital on the Maternal Newborn unit as a registered nurse. Like a lot of women, I had a very traumatizing delivery in which I endured physical and emotional trauma.  For the following 12 months, sex was physically and emotionally painful. I felt lost and displaced as a new mother and suffered from postpartum depression. On my son’s first birthday I attended a local Yoni Empowerment Circle where I learned about yoni stones.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands (and vagina) on one! I began working with one that day and can wholeheartedly report that this practice has been the most powerful and transformational tool I have ever worked with. I began selling yoni eggs and educating others because it felt selfish not to share this ancient wisdom.
McKenzie Isom, Yoni Nurse
IG @yoninurse