Guest Blogger Ashen Wolf on Relationship Mirroring

The law of mirroring is pretty clear, you are always going to be attracting outwardly a projection of what you are already experiencing inwardly. Why would it be any different with relationships?


Not only are relationships our biggest mirror, they are also the easiest excuse in the book to forget this law. We must take responsibility for how we are feeling and how we created the situation in the first place, pinning our projections on the other party involved. Furthermore, it is important to take responsibility for our internal emotions so we can better project externally what we do actually want. We can’t invalidate that other people do actually hurt us.


As much responsibility as we can take for what’s inside us and why our outside projections are the way they are, the individuals we are in relationships with are also responsible for what’s inside them and how they act towards us. That being said, if we can look at others who are rejecting us or not meeting our needs, what the universe is telling you is a “wake up call”.


It’s time to feel worthy. It’s time to feel significant. It’s time to feel important. It’s time to meet your own needs and get into a place of deserving where others treat you this way. Then, let go, release to the universe and watch how the people in your life will actually start loving you more truly. You can attract more friends who show up for you, who also see you as important and worthy.


A huge collective pattern I have noticed lately is how willing so many of us are to accept abuse and call it love. Abuse is not love and the only way you’d ever see it as such is if you aren’t fully in touch with how worthy, epic and undoubtedly deserving of the best, truest unconditional love in your life you are.


When you start giving yourself that unconditional love, just watch how the people in your life shift to match that vibration. I’ve seen that shift. I’ve let beings go who weren’t ready to match my new level of self love. Oh, and new ones keep showing up every day who are ready to show up fully for me.


Ashen Wolf is a psychic, healer, life coach, Qigong teacher and shaman. She provides guidance for people all around the world and facilitates healing and empowerment. She grew up connecting with angels and spirits. On her journey she moved through a multitude of obstacles to free the mind, connecting with her heart space, clairvoyance and other extrasensory gifts. This happened on an entirely new level. She was lead to qigong teachers’ certification and shamanism training. Her teachers’ traditions in this branch of shamanism come from the Maori of New Zealand as well as South America.