Guest Blogger Christina Martine on Meditation

How Meditation Saved My Life by Christina Martine

When I was 17, I was suffering from severe mental illness. I was obsessive compulsive, which meant I constantly counted things, traced things, repeated things over and over again in my head. I got stuck on words when reading books and had to repeat them to myself over and over again until they sounded right until my insatiable mind was temporarily satisfied. I had strange tics, too. In school, I was so utterly bored and found it hard to sit still so my mind would race. To comfort myself, to bring myself back into the present, I would stretch my neck constantly or hum to myself, or my favourite, tighten all my metal jewelry, and if I was wearing jeans, my fly. I tried to be as secretive as possible about my oddities but I’m sure some people thought I was a little off-kilter. One person saw the calluses on my pointer finger, created over time from pressing the tips of my fingers into the pull tab of my zipper so often, and asked me if I played guitar. I just said no and shrugged.

My home life was extremely abusive. Living with a narcissistic parent is something you don’t wish on anyone. For a narcissist, nothing can be wrong with them. If a bad feeling comes up, it’s always another person’s fault. The ego they create to mask their deep wounds and insecurities is overinflated, a highly unstable lie. When that ego is challenged, all hell breaks loose, and things can get violent. In my case, because I was an overly sensitive empath, words hurt me the most. When you’re depressed and someone tells you that you’re a worthless failure again and again, you start to believe it.

My OCD wasn’t enough. I began starving myself, binging and purging my food, stealing, do anything to make myself feel better, feel more in control. I turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, but they just suppressed it and made it worse.

After a suicide attempt, I had my first awakening, or remembering. I heard the voice of my higher self clearly say to me, “Christina, if you kill yourself, you’ll just have to come back to Earth and do this all over again.” Suddenly I knew that I was meant to be on Earth. I began to question why. Who was I really?

The book, The Power of Now, inspired me to start meditating again. Moving into my own consciousness, into the darkness, the silence, was difficult at first. Thoughts that weren’t even mine echoed through my mind. But I continued to watch and observe. Even without thought, I still existed. Without thought, all my problems vanished. I clearly saw that I was a spiritual being inhabiting a human body. My thoughts and emotions were only passing, not mine to keep.

I remember when I first started meditating I wrote down this statement over and over again:

There is more power in surrender.

I had to convince myself to let go, to jump off the cliff into the void, and once I did, I realized the only death I feared was the death of my mind.

So I died, before my physical death, and saw that I was eternal.

Meditation got easier over time, and life followed.

I remember one day I was trying to think about the something I was obsessed about, and I just couldn’t remember.

I started laughing, and knew I was free.




Christina Martine is a spiritual teacher who is not aligned with any particular religion. Her message is simple: You have the power to heal yourself, end suffering and awaken to your true potential. She runs the online community and social media site, which is completely free of abuse and advertisements.

Editor’s note: Her brand new book is called Fifth Dimensional Healing which holistically discusses esoteric, spiritual topics on alchemical soul transformation. This is meant to help with anxiety and trauma, helping you to find God existing within and remember that you are blessed beyond imagination. You can learn more about her work with celestial transmissions, astrological reports, art and music on

Guest Blogger Ashen Wolf on Relationship Mirroring

The law of mirroring is pretty clear, you are always going to be attracting outwardly a projection of what you are already experiencing inwardly. Why would it be any different with relationships?


Not only are relationships our biggest mirror, they are also the easiest excuse in the book to forget this law. We must take responsibility for how we are feeling and how we created the situation in the first place, pinning our projections on the other party involved. Furthermore, it is important to take responsibility for our internal emotions so we can better project externally what we do actually want. We can’t invalidate that other people do actually hurt us.


As much responsibility as we can take for what’s inside us and why our outside projections are the way they are, the individuals we are in relationships with are also responsible for what’s inside them and how they act towards us. That being said, if we can look at others who are rejecting us or not meeting our needs, what the universe is telling you is a “wake up call”.


It’s time to feel worthy. It’s time to feel significant. It’s time to feel important. It’s time to meet your own needs and get into a place of deserving where others treat you this way. Then, let go, release to the universe and watch how the people in your life will actually start loving you more truly. You can attract more friends who show up for you, who also see you as important and worthy.


A huge collective pattern I have noticed lately is how willing so many of us are to accept abuse and call it love. Abuse is not love and the only way you’d ever see it as such is if you aren’t fully in touch with how worthy, epic and undoubtedly deserving of the best, truest unconditional love in your life you are.


When you start giving yourself that unconditional love, just watch how the people in your life shift to match that vibration. I’ve seen that shift. I’ve let beings go who weren’t ready to match my new level of self love. Oh, and new ones keep showing up every day who are ready to show up fully for me.


Ashen Wolf is a psychic, healer, life coach, Qigong teacher and shaman. She provides guidance for people all around the world and facilitates healing and empowerment. She grew up connecting with angels and spirits. On her journey she moved through a multitude of obstacles to free the mind, connecting with her heart space, clairvoyance and other extrasensory gifts. This happened on an entirely new level. She was lead to qigong teachers’ certification and shamanism training. Her teachers’ traditions in this branch of shamanism come from the Maori of New Zealand as well as South America.

Signs You’re Ungrounded and What to Do About It

One of the biggest challenges for starseeds, albeit one that can take a lifetime to master, is grounding. They have come into the planet as very spiritual, old souls, but sometimes tend to forget those basic skills that help us get by in our day-to-day lives.

When you get grounded you can actually serve the planet. In other words, it takes the physical to create the physical. It’s why we’re here, to inhabit our body and enjoy being creative on Earth.

Psst: I know this isn’t easy. I prefer being “up there”, too. I have been so ungrounded that I DELETED my YouTube video about BEING grounded! *Rolls eyes* Read on for five important points.

1. Your environment is getting dirtier by the minute

Let’s face it, no one truly enjoys scrubbing out the toilet or getting oil off the stove but there are ways to make this a lot easier. If you see more and more dust collecting, you are probably busy enjoying some latest theory on New Earth ecology instead of taking care of business. Perhaps it would help to turn on some loud music, put on cleaning gloves, get out the wipes and think about all the lovely extraterrestrial people that will feel more welcome in your home. Would you keep it like that if you knew a Galactic Federation Officer was coming? No. I recommend teaming up with others in the home and doing an entire cleanup together. Get some ecologically friendly soaps (or just ones that really work for you) and a scrubber while knowing this is going to get you amazing arm muscles.

2. You’re too scared to talk

We all understand what stage fright is, but most of the time you’re really not on stage. You’re actually in the stage of your own mind, watching and analyzing yourself, instead of being in your heart and following how you really feel. Maybe your parents were authoritarian, oh well, there’s no changing that! No matter how abusive people have been to make you shut down like that, you’re going to have to use your voice or sign language at some point in order to manifest. Manifesting means turning your visions into actuality, it’s turning wisdom into inspired action and using imagery to have a goal. Therefore, one of your goals could be to improve your speech -yes-, however, sometimes this means saying what is really on your mind. (I know that we are telepathic and waiting for the others to catch up. It’s easier to speak to animals and crystals, but we’re here to help the humans, by the way!) Start off with writing, recording your voice or finding a good friend to share with over the internet. If these don’t work, try or 7 Cups (it’s free and you can even talk to a chat-bot).

3. You’re super addicted to weed

A lot of star people buzz around this topic and while I don’t believe plants did anything to anybody because people are the ones that mess everything up, one needs to learn to be in life. Medicines are used as crutches, for inspiration and for healing, not to escape from making moves. Sure the peace pipe is there to heal relationship matters and help you be yourself, but doing it “just to be cool” with zero intentions for discovering YOU (not the Simpsons) can get you lost in the sauce. (Yes, lots and lots of greasy-and-salty junk food Sunday’s, munch munch munch!) An Uber driver in Reno, Nevada, complained how “everyone can’t drive now that cannabis has been legalized.” In my opinion, while I’m no expert on this topic, I do feel that people who are lazy minded need to stop and obviously drive sober. If you know you have no intention to develop your brain, try tuning out with music instead because you won’t be able to handle the simple things in life like telling your significant other how much you love them, for instance! (And for the love of God please stop texting while you are driving.) You can also try CBD oil, switch strains or work with an herbalist who can show you how to make your own natural teas.

4. You, your child or pet keeps getting sick

One thing that spiritual people tend to learn the hard way is focusing on the health of their bodies. With all the scary vaccinations, horrific processed food movies and dairy research, it’s no wonder people call in sick. Sometimes our brains can make us think things that don’t exist or scare us into really bad decisions.

While floating around, you could be missing out on vital nutrients. For instance, because raw veganism is so trendy these days, one woman took it to the extreme to prove herself until her three-year-old was declared malnourished by the doctor. The boy was third-world-thin and fainting. She was also obsessed with her love relationship handing over the child care to the grandmother who got the boy back to life. With granny, the boy got on a whole foods diet and I saw him swinging along happily in a shopping cart, thank goodness. I say this is ungrounded because it reminds me of people who were barefooting in the snow around December 21, 2012. It reminded me of an emaciated “life coach” who did sungazing and got so high she told people that “rainbows on your eyelash means you are part of the indigo tribe” (no, it means that you got press-ons at Mardi Gras). There’s nothing cool about starving, lying or hypothermia and the same thing goes for the myriad of pets that Americans “rescue” every year. People, if you want to save a four-legged creature from euthanasia, will you at least walk your dog? No one wants you to bring them back to life if you are just going to give them cancer or let them run around until their leg gets bitten off by a pitbull because you are busy stroking your ego from running a commune. Common sense is a virtue, no matter what you eat, no matter who you love! Look into Buddhism!

5. You’re always upset and don’t know what to do

Here is a beautiful secret that made me feel better: most people do not know what they want. This is because they are focused on the physical mind and have to open up the subconscious mind. I highly, highly recommend the Abraham-Hicks teachings for this one because it will show you where you are on the emotional guidance scale, and once you identify how you are feeling, you can choose to think a better thought and move up from there. This can really help people who are at the bottom because the choice you make now will affect your brain chemistry. You can also do brain-training if you are in a good place and need to learn more advanced techniques like focusing.


All in all, it’s these easy choices we make that can really help us to move along. I am constantly reminded by Spirit to say to my clients that they need to meditate ten minutes a day. Did you know there are people who cannot hold focus for longer than six seconds? This is how distracted we can be. So go ahead, simplify, toss out the old ways and make a decision. Even if you are “okay” with being in the spirit world and think all of this is a terrible suggestion, ask yourself if things will change once you go back.



~Krista Raisa

Psychic Medium, Author, Artist