Social Media Advice for the New Age

After five years of showcasing my channeling, teachings and artwork on the internet I have had to “deal” with people. What this means is I was not a mole in a hole, rather, I had to sit and face all kinds of personalities from around the world. I heard them, responded and shared with them, sometimes retreating from them. A few became actual friends, a couple hundred got blocked, but an even larger number have become consistent contacts who benefit from what I do. This meant going through love and hate -mail, getting good and bad advice, making mistakes and becoming resilient. At the end of the day, I’ve helped people transform their lives and grown a lot on a personal level.

Growing up, social media was in it’s beginning stages after the dotcom era, Y2K-scare and AOL’s disappearance. I had family members supporting my D.I.Y. website hobby and others criticizing the time I spent “socializing” on messenger. How could anyone predict that PayPal, YouTube and Google would happen back then? They couldn’t because it was neither their interest nor investment.

The New Age, an alternative to religious tradition, is a world-wide culture spreading it’s ideas through the internet. A developing movement lacks terms to describe those interested in Hinduism, U.F.O.s and rainbow gatherings. These spiritual Joe’s require astrology reports, animal rights petitions and ocean cleanup news. Reading quantum physics headlines and watching live, singing bowl videos is no longer limited to those who can afford attending retreats. Because of this knowledge, one can see how moving into a label-free zone is both unifying and confusing. It can be especially challenging when defining yourself in a cyber netherworld as “other.”

My partner, however, summed this up quite perfectly: “the internet is an astral template of the future.” What he meant by this is through the Net we are formulating templates for an ideal world. Having this vision is a major, necessary aspect of the New Age. If you want healing, love, creativity and joy for the planet, do not stop the movement of your spirit. People may call you “fake”, “naive”, or “crazy”, but the leaders and doers won’t. Alternatively, if you are a grounded workhorse or more of a manager/organizer-type, these are also vital for manifesting functioning solutions. The people who supported my “strange lifestyle” (as a psychiatrist who assessed my sense of reality put it) were teachers, gamers, psychics, college students, engineers, rappers, surgeons, soldiers, actors, trainers, deejays, chefs and more. It’s those everyday people that will help shape your experience of “what is”, even if you think you’re the next internet star or feel insignificant.

When trying to do something good, people will unfortunately sense the positivity and behave in mean ways. You won’t understand and sometimes there is nothing you can do. My best advice for these times is to remain consistent by continuing to do what works for you. Often, the best thing for your wellbeing is the best thing for everyone else, too. Feeling excited and passionate about what I’m saying, other people magically gravitate towards my livestreams. Somehow they decide to share more energy, getting inspired while learning at the same time. It’s a win-win and you didn’t necessarily need to pray to God for it while not actually believing in the prayer on a deeper level.

Personally speaking, I’ve had to give up preconceived ideas about how groups of people “are.” Whenever I formed an absolute, someone would quickly prove me wrong. If you’re wanting to “become more spiritual” as people have said to me several times, you’ll find out that it’s always about who someone is, not what they look or smell like. It’s about their being, their soul and their intent. Trust your instincts and continue to go higher. We are all learning here and hopefully trying harder tomorrow.

~Krista Raisa

Channel, Teacher, Artist