7 Solutions for Starseed Anxiety

Anxiety is defined as uneasiness, worry or nervousness, extreme or abnormal apprehension, and mental distress marked by sweating, tension or a heightened pulse rate. These symptoms occur in “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”, where triggers result from early trauma. One key thing to remember is that your thoughts are often exaggerated. Although the symptoms are very real, sometimes we can be so creative that we dramatize and overthink, distorting actual factual events. If you hear someone speak during an “attack”, they represent situations as a lot better or worse than they are. Should you feel your emotions spinning out of control at times, look at this list and see what resonates. It’s important to have reminders like these because we don’t always have a support team. As someone who has suffered a panic attack and gotten lost on a bus my first year of college, I definitely understand. It can be a real challenge for starseeds, who are becoming increasingly more sensitive on a planetary level, with their extra-sensory abilities (especially when located in a big city)!


1) Choose the word “PEACE” as your word-of-the-year. Using affirmations or meditations can change your thought-attraction as quickly as 17 seconds. So instead of figuring out the next 365 days, just choose one goal for your year, and that could be anything that gets you closer to peace. Maybe you will choose to meditate for 10 minutes a day, get a hippie bumper sticker, or eliminate drama. I like to draw peace-signs everywhere and have made this my personal emblem. This reminds me to also consume less caffeine and more magnesium. I’ve also started to relax before bedtime because of that focal point.

2) Create a self-care box or altar. Some people turn breath-mint tins into mini shrines where they keep good juju (think rose quartz crystals, palo santo, lavender oil, childhood toys and photos of loved ones). For you, this could also be a section of your home where you instantly feel more relaxed- the colors are just right, your humidifier is clean and you put effort into your own eye candy. When we have clean table-tops or make actual physical space for ourselves, our minds get more creative, rather than sighing because there’s “something more to clean.” If you have a lot of clutter, display the most important items that really make you feel good (faeries are attracted to what YOU are most attracted to, especially creativity-gnomes). Give away what you don’t need and honor your sensitivity.

3) Visit “Ascension Symptoms Support Group” on Facebook. Every day, someone is posting their current energy status, and there is zero spamming, only love and light. Although I’m currently off that social media, that’s been my go-to spot since the beginning. You’ll notice you’re not alone and by taking the time to boost someone else, you’ll automatically get more energy into your system and align your brain.

4) Do a tedious, focused activity (which has been called “self-help” since the 80s). For a moment, you’ll distract yourself and get something done to feel accomplished. My favorite is choosing what beads to play with, stringing them onto a colorful yarn and tying a knot. This brings your inner awareness to your body and relaxes you to breathe again: inhale, hold, exhale. (If you need help with regulating your breath and heart, get the Dan Winter smart phone app called : HeartsRing HRV-Breath-Biofeedback EMPATHY TRAINING for $19.99.)

5) Research Medical Magic Mushrooms where it is allowed. I’ve only met two people who have healed themselves from depression and anxiety with medical mushrooms, but their behavioral changes were intense to witness. The other of these two young men was more successful, because he developed a healthy lifestyle in addition to microdosing, while the other remained in an abusive relationship and continued drinking alcohol heavily during parties. Several news articles are popping up now, on how psychotropics can heal the mind. Also, should you want insight and understanding to what people in the world are doing, read https://www.erowid.org/ “reports.” (If this is too trippy, just remember your vitamins and to eat well, while checking out my blog article: 7 Solutions for Optimal Eating and Wellness.)

6) Take inventory of your environment or recent visits. Sometimes mediumistic people can be in locations where there is intense spiritual activity. When I began training in mediumship and psychic ability, ironically, I attended a school that was built on an old graveyard. Then, I moved into a dorm-apartment with earthbound-spirit-memory residue. To this day, a lot of that energy remains a mystery, but it’s important to look into local history or tune into your intuition when deciding where you want to eat and sleep. Sometimes, just going into a haunted place can cause a big shift in your energy, or if you are around someone who is going through a hard time. Mostly, the energies you feel on Earth have nothing to do with you and you are not responsible for everyone else!

7) Speak, hear yourself and learn to feel. To instantly de-stress, people need to hear themselves speak. Women especially need this to regulate their oxytocin (an endogenous peptide which is linked to emotional bonding in partnerships).  It can help you to record video, do a live broadcast, call someone you trust, or pay for a mini therapy session. Journaling is also great and people will sometimes do this as a morning and/or night routine. Alternatively, doodling and listening to your favorite music should do the trick, so blast the lo-fi ASMR Llewellyn chillhop (that’s my invention).


~Krista Raisa,

Psychic Medium, Author, Artist