How to Ground Your Art onto the Planet

L’art pour l’art

Knowing Yourself

Every piece of art comes from a good decision or mistake. In the beginning, you decide on what color string to start off with (kind of like choosing your life path in the Spirit World). That string has a size, a shape and a length. You will need something sharp with which to cut the string and another object to tie it with. (I promise you, this will calm down your anxiety as soon as you start doing it.) Some people already know they were made to create friendship bracelets, they’re just psychic like that. You probably hung around them in the hopes that this excitement would rub off, but what if your soul intended to create lanyard keychains? Could this really be true?

Try to remember the last time you bossed someone around as a kid. (This is especially important for the feminine beings in the room.) You had an attitude, which is what life coaches call a “manifesting mindset.” This was pure leadership, no matter what any hater told you in the future. Try to hold onto that feeling you just recalled and sense how your breath enters your body for 17 seconds. I created a Pinterest board for the inner children of millennials to help them remember those feelings, check it out by clicking here. This will help you to command your reality.


Notebooks, Whiteboards, Recorders, Post-Its

Cutting string costs money (I totally understand). You especially need those leopard-print scizzors from that 60’s shop, because you’re an artist. Maybe your energy blockage happened because you couldn’t afford the “tools” and it was out of your way to travel to Michael’s. Stop right there, though, because ego is in the way, now. You are not blocked. Your natural state is that of flow. Don’t give up because the seed isn’t sprouting yet or because you were abused.You are accessing the right brain- a powerhouse of creative solutions, keep going! Following the meditation you are coming up with more ideas for how to cut that lanyard via the Law of Attraction!

Documenting this is exciting because things will get magical! One time I needed a notebook to start my creative online career and my boyfriend was at the gas station. He telepathed my needs and came home with a Mead-covered blank-paged journal! This synchronicity told me, “your choice is in alignment.” I put my energetic foot down and since then have filled up at least 10 “Notebooks of Ideas” which have later been turned into online courses, books, classes and social media posts! (Watch my silly video called “Shit Entrepreneurs Say” to know more about what I’m talking about by clicking here.)

You’ll never know when a creative idea might pop in through the Matrix Grid (from the Pleiadians dropping us 5-D hints). My favorite Finnish rapper uses this tactic: he writes his lyrics on post-its while sitting in the bathroom and tags them on the wall! Other people choose to sit out in nature, meditate or do some crowdfunding.


Your Creative Process

It is O.K. to have a ritual such as: evenly spacing out your mediums; waiting until numbers line up; going “dark”; doing oracle card spreads; talking with gnomes; counting mala beads; checking your intention.

When I worked at a spa-town hotel, I could see a guest-list which often included travel writers. They had top-of-the-notch 3-star rooms. By the look of the conditions in which they were left, these folks ate at restaurants. If you can visualize copper tables in an air-conditioned Southwest suite, you can imagine your happy place! The next level in manifesting it is adding a positive affirmation to your etheric drawing board, such as, ” I AM an artist!”

The internet, book shops, art museums, cafes and thrift stores are great places to pump out your favorite type of channeling. Mobile people: why not take a vacation from your immediate environment without expectations? When you decide to do something “crazy”, you’re really moving your energy out and up, in order to bring it back down to Earth and put the pieces back together. For some people, calling in these soul parts can take up to two weeks, where it’s a requirement to give them space.



Here’s a rule of thumb: you’ll never feel ready enough when creating art but you’re always good enough to do it. You can be “different” when you make that 90’s domain name, trade at an alien festival or create a networking webinar. You might feel slight discomfort with the exciting feelings springing from this inner courage. Don’t justify them, allow yourself this moment of joy!

Different sensations sizzle during your journey of self-expression, especially since others will have had similar experiences! Embrace yourself- people will sense your style and float in your direction for unknown reasons. Sometimes this is your Higher Self connecting you with the right people, the soul family that needs to find you.

At times, we hit bumps in the road because people copy and criticize. I explain this in my latest book, Starseed Survival (where you’ll experience the trials and tribulations of being woke). In the long run, people who talk just for the sake of it dismiss themselves and it’s not your life purpose to pick them up unless they ask. You can have tremendous love for someone, but don’t assume responsibility for their Spirit Guide.


Subtle Instructions

Inspiration comes in so quickly that you can doubt it. Getting over self-doubt is a huge spiritual test. Once it’s healed, you can play Life (the boardgame) and win at it! This requires you share because art was created for others to experience. Ways you can do this are by hiring an assistant, broadcasting live, making displays and trusting in word-of-mouth. Recall how to make a snowball: wear thick gloves, have enough ice, then pat and roll down a hill. Projects grow upon themselves and taking action can be simple.

I almost forgot: add some glitter to your creation with kindness. “Lucky” people appear seamless as they’re kind and thoughtful. This is the energy of my faery oracle card deck, where tiny little beings have big things to say. What I did to create the art was sit outside on a Mexican blanket with a drawing book, play Hatikwa music and interact with starseeds on It stressed my upper back and shoulders to make the photoshop “custom tuck box” template, but my passion got me through that part. Now it’s ten times easier to make Instagram posts because I have a concept- my cards that I love!


Breaking Through Fear

As you become successful through the pathways you created, promotion and discussion will become easy. Fear is just that part of the brain next to the magical one, reminding you to pay the rent.

One of the scariest things people deal with (in my online tribe) is showing themselves. This is not uncommon among the highly sensitive and gifted empaths. They prefer showcasing other peoples’ ideas over their pandora’s box of wonderment. I totally get it. It took one of my reiki teachers eight years to come out with his truth!

If you want a necklace, though, you must thread a needle and string on some beads. I saw a five-year-old do it five times before she got it right, and although requiring some help, she ended up walking away with name-plated jewelry. What she did was accept her mobile skills like a boss, without comparing herself to the “professional” in the room.

If you are a skillionaire, enjoy this magic you have for Earth. God and the Angels could not materialize this magnificent idea if you hadn’t actualized it through your beautiful vessel. Enjoy your fingers, feet, and the very air in your lungs. Inhale clarity and get ready to do this!


~Krista Raisa

Psychic Medium, Author Artist




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