Crystal Meanings Part 1

Tuned into my 💎crystals (many of which you guys gave me as mentioned in the latest video🙏🏾) and jotted down the sensations I got from each of them (these are the ones I recognize by heart). From top to bottom rows:

1. Andara- helps one to find peace within their situation

2. Calcite- opens you to the world, sparking curiosity

3. Bloodstone- abundance, instantly

4. Rose Quartz- connects you to gentle Ascension, to Heaven

5. Blue topaz- doorway to clearing; infinite possibilities

6. Tiger’s Eye- is a protection spell within itself; mystery

7. Moonstone- feminine soft, calm, forgiveness

8. Rainbow Moonstone- Opens meridian pathways

9. Fluorite- peppy; “I can do it” sort of confidence; helps w/manifesting opportunities

10. Hematite- lungs, moon, timing; joints, bones

11. Clear quartz- adjustments of any kind & much more, therapeutic; enhances natural longevity + purposeful living

12. Ammonite- helps w/focusing

13. Larimar- gives you a sense of being guided in life; helps lonely people

14. Snowy Quartz- calms nervous energy centering you in the heart; affirms self-loving activities

15. Labradorite- opens the pathways to many dimensions & Mystery Schools, but also helps you love where are you are; centering

16. Lapiz Lazuli- psychic surgery (e.g. removes bitterness from gall)

17. Ruby Kyanite- self-love; reverence; welcoming in a new home, brings attention to itself

18. Diorite- ancient knowledge & prehistory

19. Sapphire- ability to logic & reason

20. Amethyst- justice; respect for practice; intuition and trusting one’s self; inherent wisdom; practical spirituality, being genuine & kind (amethyst has lots of instructions for us which has me feeling this list could get pretty long)