Advice for Re-Starting Your Life

That was then, this is now,
Here we go starting over!
You decide, change your mind,
Miracles happen every day!

-RuPaul, The Beginning

Don’t wait for a disaster to take a good look at your life. Doing a life review every so often is extremely healing for the soul. Even if you are high-vibe already, do this as it’s the beginning of a new year! You will be ahead of many when you have the energy to make trends, forecast events, and give to others. This puts you in a position of leadership for the whole and for yourself. Sometimes, though, external circumstances are too unbearable that we are forced to make a change. In that case, buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, because we are about to take…off.

One of the fastest, most simple, healthiest things you can do now is consider what you are putting in your mouth. Do you remember what you learned in preschool? Drink lots of water, get your vitamins, and always eat fruits/vegetables. Magnesium for calcium absorption check-, green juice check-, protein check- are all next level. People will argue over what kinds of next level products you should be eating, but if you are in survival-mode, forget those privileged people and get your basics in order. You don’t need to be a bountiful doctor or established farmer to know practical wisdoms like having proteins and carbs in the morning. This can be done in one minute’s time if you have a blender, which are now sold as cheaply as $15 (the price of a movie ticket plus popcorn). The supplement industry is also booming and you can book a virtual life coach for only $5 on

Second, take a look at your tent/room/apartment/house. (Forget this step if you are living in a car in which case you are probably looking for where to shower next). Most people procrastinate important moves by cleaning, but you can flip it around and focus on decluttering instead. I have met countless people tell me they threw out all their cool stuff when they felt it was time for their spirit to move. They were right, sometimes your spirit gets attached to items that keep it inactive. Even David Wilcock tripped and saw energy streams that went from his body to his cellphone, way back when, and it scared him. In other words, don’t get rid of your cellphone, get rid of “unspiritual” items, things that bring you down and remind you of the bad times. After that, let go of unfinished goals that your ego thinks will get done and make you perfect: that curling iron that fries your hair every time, your old haunted tarot deck, a super expensive crystal your frenemy got you. None…of…those…things…matter. Do a search on Pinterest using the word “declutter” and you’ll see bulleted lists of items people are generally overwhelmed with.

Mentally, you’ve been prepared for this change, longer than you think. People wait until the tipping point to put knowledge into action, but I’m sure there’s a seeding idea you just forgot about amidst the other distractions. As you eat well and declutter, you’ll come across old journals, photos, music and sentimental shoulda-coulda-woulda items. Then you have regrets, beat yourself up and say, “the past is the past”, but hold on just a minute. Who’s voice is talking in your head? Is that your preschool teacher who didn’t believe in their own infinite potential? Maybe you are playing someone else’s tape and it’s time you make your own song. If you think about your life as an etheric symphony waiting to happen, doesn’t that feel at least remotely exciting? Imagine a long-haired balding man with a white stick, holding his wrists up to the sky in a penguin suit, about to dictate your entire life as a musical. Will it sound like Maria from West Side Story or Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee from Babes in Toyland?

Emotionally, you are probably going through a lot because change is never easy. During World War II, my grandmother had to leave her lakeside home in Finland as a little girl and live with complete strangers in Sweden to get to safety. My other grandmother participated in a sit-in during the Civil Rights Movement, to peacefully protest unfair racial laws in the United States. As an interracial couple in the 1970s my parents could barely hold hands: in Finland people just “didn’t do that” and in New York City people would actually spit on you. Right now, you probably have some obstacles, too, but those are stories worth sharing! Write down your painful experience, make a video log (“vlog”), or draw a picture about it. Some day you can help other people who went through the same thing.

Finally, spiritual people know that God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle. Sometimes your knees will bend and the going gets tough, but it’s for your soul’s lessons and growth. You are measured in the Spirit World according to how gracefully you can handle a painful situation. Do you curse and blame others or do you get up and keep it moving? (Obviously, this is after you have set boundaries and gotten out of a dangerous situation.) You might be mad at someone or feel you are the only one, but that anger is a sign you are the person who needs to do something about it! That is when your purpose starts talking to you, waiting for you to take a step towards it. If you are all alone (or all+one), then you be that leader for others. If everyone else is a lazy slob, then you be the one to clean up and set an example. The only question to contemplate is what is holding you back and preventing you from getting to a better vibration. Once you identify it, let go and enjoy your sparkle. That way, others can sparkle, too.


-Krista Raisa

Psychic Medium, Author, Artist