How to Attract Abundant Thoughts

People perceive abundance differently. Valuing what someone has in large amounts is mostly subjective, but on a worldwide scale is mainly attributed to economic wealth. If you ask someone “what does someone have if they are rich?”, they will probably answer the basic fundamental human needs: food/water, shelter and warmth. After survival levels have been reached, these cultural parameters change. We soon contrast cars, houses, wardrobes and haircuts. You may have heard of the saying, “keeping up with the Joneses.”

In my experience, people never attain true happiness by having solely what their neighbor has. It doesn’t matter if you get the biggest swimming pool, your happiness still comes from depth. Bob Marley was asked if possessions made him rich to which he answered, “I don’t have that kind of richness. My richness is life, forever.”


I’ve been pulling lots of oracle cards for people, lately, and the message to “keep it simple” keeps popping up. Right now, the energies on the planet are intense and people are at unrest. They are looking for solutions, positivity, health tips and want more energy. Many of us starseeds are also healing our childhoods and undoing the false programming of the Collective.

What you can start off with is honoring your daily habits. This includes how you prepare your food, keep your house clean, and maintain personal hygiene. When you interact with your immediate environment, you start being more in life. Look at how balanced your dinner plate is and ask yourself if you enjoy your sacred space. For inspiration, go on websites like and start a “pin board” of your favorite pictures, quotes and articles.

Other people feel abundant when in good company. They value the exchange of ideas, philosophical conversations and sharing. This is a very human need because it creates feelings of support, decreases depression and promotes confidence. Sometimes just picking up the phone and talking with one person who loves you can balance out the heart chakra. If you aren’t receiving in the way that you’d like from someone, move on and connect with another who values what you have to offer. In a famous book called The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, Gary Chapman lists our most cherished forms of exchange including: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service/devotion and physical touch. In general, we align to emotional, spiritual, mental and physical connections. These are also ways we can recognize “soul family.”

Third, doing small acts of kindness for yourself is invaluable. This can mean making time to finish a project, running a bubble bath or breaking an old, strict habit. Be active when it comes to self-care and journal your needs.



Brené Brown writes about “scarcity culture” in her bestseller, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. After conducting research on what makes people feel not good enough, she found the most common thought-forms people have about themselves to be (p.25):

  1. Never good enough
  2. Never perfect enough
  3. Never thin enough
  4. Never powerful enough
  5. Never successful enough
  6. Never smart enough
  7. Never safe enough
  8. Never extraordinary enough

As one of my favorite spiritual teachers says, “thoughts are electric, emotions are magnetic.” According to the spiritual Law of Attraction, when you think bad thoughts about yourself, you attract more feelings on that bandwidth. How many of you have felt depressed and listened to the same depressive song over and over again, until you convinced yourself you were that song? It can take a while before you actively make the choice to think a better thought, which only takes but a few seconds.

If Mass Consciousness is programmed to keep us in a slumber, how do we wake up from it? This is where the idea of mass hypnosis comes in, because people follow behaviors from reality T.V. shows and think fame is life. Sorry but not sorry to say, there are supermodels who feel ugly on the inside and spiritual teachers who do not believe in what they are saying. There are lonely billionaires, unsatisfied married people and countries that practice isolationism. The only solution I have to this is opening the third eye yourself and getting real about our limitations, hence the trending topic of vulnerability.

When the external world promotes a lazy mindset we have to produce internalized motivational habits. Identifying an energy block is now common in psychic readings, as people desire improvement and fulfillment. It’s only when the quest to be, have and do everything sets in, that we get stuck in our egos and forget we have a subconscious mind. This is the path of intuition, trusting your gut and expecting positive results. Let your manifestation germinate, for goodness’ sake.



A lot of clients ask how they can begin living their passion. What I tell them is that I asked that same question in 2009 and found Cheryl Richardson’s Finding Your Passion. She is a successful, world-renowned motivational speaker who used to be afraid of crowds, just like Eric Clapton used to play the guitar with his back to the audience because he was so anxious. Then there is the quote by Sheldon B. Klopp that goes, “I’ve never began any important venture for which I felt adequate prepared.” Our nagging voice in our heads will tell us the things in Brown’s list while we are mid-creative-process, and is really only there to direct, not dictate our lives.

Most influential people have gone through tests, initiations and difficult challenges. It’s only when they’ve faced the music so to speak, that they became stronger and resilient. Sometimes this can mean saying no to a community that doesn’t have your back or saying yes to a bunch of people you feel intimidated by. A lot of the time people block themselves because they hold on to outdated family beliefs or cultural ideas that support bad behavior like doping at the Olympics. There are doctors who easily prescribe pills for unnatural performance and corporations that promote mindless poetry. Instead, we could be discussing roles in business management and writing lyrics about open markets.

Next, those who don’t understand the power of Source Energy are missing out on a beautiful personal experience. My guides told me that you can always get energy from the Spirit World, it’s an infinite fountain of wellness and joy. Teachings these days are saying that our natural state is that of bliss, or a cork floating over water, but people are conditioned to challenge this. Perhaps it is too far off, like an unreachable goal-post, so take small steps first. You can start by sitting in your chair like a boss, congratulate yourself on the skills you already have and forget about social media “likes.”

All in all, forgive the past when you are ready and give loving yourself a try. Write encouraging affirmations to yourself and others, step out of judgement and into observation. Let go of people who tear you down instead of build you up, and listen to your body if you’re not sure about them. Sometimes we have to surrender to receiving the good, even if it isn’t being played on the radio.


-Krista Raisa, Psychic Medium, Author & Artist