My New Book + Oracle Card Class!

Hello everyone! I’m super excited to announce that my new book, “Starseed Survival” is available on Amazon! Yas! It was completely self-published and you won’t believe the amazing stories in there, or maybe you will because they happened to you, too. Also, there are new 9-D templates using codes I have received from the E.T.s directly. They are alongside new channeling transcripts where Ra speaks with the Orion Council. You’ll also read excerpts from angelic messages from the Orion Council. There are Cosmic and Earth Instructions to help starseeds understand their mission and say no to B.S. It’s amazing to share these energies with you and I wish you happy reading! The book can be purchased here:

Also, I’m teaching an oracle card class December 26th of this year! That plus the Orion Council oracle cards that came out just a couple weeks ago would be awesome for you if you want to learn about psychic symbols and “feeling” the messages that speak so much more than just words and images. Sign up is under “Events & Courses.” Hope to see you.

Happy Holidays!